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  1. vdigz

    Solar Eclipse & Baumgartner

    It might not be open, closed as of now with no mention of when it's opening. Updates, call (208) 764-3202.
  2. vdigz

    Moving to Boise Idaho

    I know, a crazy concept right? It's actually the way it should be everywhere.
  3. vdigz

    Boise riders!

    Nice vids! Looked like a great day. As a heads up, wanted to share that Short Cr. is seasonal and closes mid-September. A great resource for checking Idaho trail designations is trails.idaho.gov.
  4. vdigz

    Trail chainsaw opinions

    I had a little bit of trouble at first with the fit on my 15' XCW with Bill's Rack. Then I took the front fender completely off and started those lower 2 bolts first.....then the top 2 bolts... then tightened them all gradually and it fit just right. Didn't need to modify anything. And I agree with Llama that the way the rack sits the saw is much better than what has been used in the past. It brings it closer to the forks, lower and just works great.
  5. vdigz

    Trail chainsaw opinions

    Looks like your pipe is custom too
  6. vdigz

    Oregon Sumpter area trails info

    Anyone ridden around Sumpter before have any information on the trails there for kids/beginners? Thinking about taking my 2 kids 8 + 9 over there on their KTM 50s to ride the ATV trails. They ride the easy atv and single track trails now. Looks like a great area for camping and riding and lots of trail options. Any info is appreciated! Thanks.
  7. vdigz

    Owyhee Fun Run - Boise area

    Tomorrow is the day! Bring your ATV or other OHV that is 50" or less in width and run the poker run course or bring your dirt bike and tackle the bonus loop! We'll have over 40 raffle packages to be given away as well as the 1st thru 3rd place winners of the poker run. Gonna be a great time. If you have any questions or other please let me know. Thanks!
  8. vdigz

    Owyhee Fun Run - Boise area

    It is going to be perfect weather in the desert this weekend, no wind, sunshine, spring dirt, dirtbike gear to be raffled off....doesn't get any better!!
  9. The annual Owyhee Fun Run hosted by TVTMA is coming up May 3rd this year. Another great course has been layed down for this non-competitive poker run event; 30 miles for the ATVs and/or Dirt Bikes and a 60 mile Dirt Bike course. Again we have a ton of local sponsors helping us out with prizes and Moto Tech will be on site with some demo units as well. Sign up starts at 8 AM, and first bikes and atvs out around 9:30 AM. Awards and raffle prizes are at 3:30 PM. REMEMBER - the proceeds for this event got to the fight to keep motorized trails open and public lands PUBLIC!!! We'll also be donating to the Owyhee County Search and Rescue, you know those folks who ALWAYS come out and save our bacon when needed!! Check out www.TVTMA.org for more details or to print off a flyer. Sponsors throwing down the prizes this year include..............Western Power Sports | Moto Tech | Carl’s Cycle Sales | Snake River Yamaha | Moto One | Canyon Honda | Rekluse | Razor Back Offroad | Birds of Prey Motorsports | Happy Trails | ProMoto Billet | Grizzly Sports | Edge Performance Sports | Big Twin Cycle Center. What: 2014 Owyhee Fun Run When: May 3, 2014 Where: Rabbit Creek OHV parking area (1 mile west of Murphy, Idaho
  10. vdigz

    Blacks Creek Boise

    Unfortunately what we've been hearing is that they intend to keep the area closed this season. The area is managed under the Mountain Home USFS district so I'd reach out to them for more info. What would be ideal IMO is to get some work done out there this spring with help from volunteers and then get tires back on the ground. The longer that area sits without being ridden the worse the trails will be in the long run.
  11. Do you know why the Ross Fork trails and Emma were closed? Thanks!
  12. vdigz

    Boulder White Clouds under fire again

    Bump! These guys (Rick Johnson with the Idaho Conservation League, former governor Cecil Andrus and Republican Mike Simpson) are absolutely obsessed with the Boulder White Clouds without any regard for science and the wishes of genuine tax-paying Americans. They are actively "bamboozling" the folks in places like New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York and Maine who don't really understand the impacts of wilderness/national monuments and what you can and can't do in these designated areas. The BWC have been and is under protection under the Idaho Roadless Rule since 2006 which governs the use from developement, strip mining, road building, etc. This rule already protects our public roadless areas without any federal intervention. This is nothing more than an elitist mentality in an effort to exclude other user groups and disable local land managers and communities from using public lands for the general public. Please take a minute and call and write that we are adamantly opposed to this ridiculous top down effort. Thanks and keep fighting the fight!!!!
  13. vdigz

    Idaho Lowman Adopt-a-Trail

    We're heading up to Bull Trout lake area this weekend to ride and clear all the Lowman area trails: Warm Springs, Kirkham, Gates, Wyoming, Fir, Links, Blue Jay, Wapiti and Jackson Peak. If you're in the area stop by camp or come up and camp and ride with us. We'll be at the small lake just before Bull Trout lake, look for the TVTMA signs. Conditions are gonna be outstanding!!
  14. This 2013 KTM XC 300 will be raffled off at the 2013 ITMA State Ride in July, the 50th anniversary of this great event. You do not need to be present to win. Speaking of the 2013 ITMA State Ride, pre-registration is open for this family camping/riding event and you can also purchase raffle tickets there as well. My family is looking forward to seeing all ITMA members at this years State Ride and camping for a week at this great area!
  15. The Boulder White Clouds talk is coming around again. Please take a second and help us voice our opposition to the Boulder White Clouds in Idaho from becoming a national monument. President Obama can currently use the Antiquities Act and sign the Boulder White Clouds over as a national monument. This ignores the fact that relevant land management agencies already have the necessary authority to protect these lands. Designating the area as a national monument will effectively take options away from managers as they will no longer have the flexibility to apply appropriate management. Please contact the representatives listed below via email and phone and let them know we Idahoans and Americans oppose the Boulder White Clouds from becoming a national monument and being permanently off-limits to motorized and mechanized recreation, including off-highway motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, recreational off-highway vehicles, 4x4s, snowmobiles and mountain bikes. This would forever ban these opportunities without regard for local processes and decisions on how the land is most appropriately managed. Local citizens and stakeholders deserve a voice in land management decisions, but the extremist environmentalists and former Idaho democratic governor Cecil Andrus are pushing the Obama administration and agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack to make the BWC a National Monument. If up to them, this would apply the most restrictive management possible to an enormous tract of public lands while setting aside local collaborative processes. Please voice your opposition and send or forward to as many Idahoans and pro-motorized Americans as possible. Idaho Governor Butch Otter - http://gov.idaho.gov...ov/contact.html Mike Crapo - http://www.crapo.sen...ntact/email.cfm Jim Risch - http://www.risch.sen...index.cfm/email Raul Labrador - https://labradorform...se.gov/email-me Mike Simpson - https://simpson.hous...zip5=83702= White House - http://www.whitehous....s-and-comments Tom Vilsack - agsec@usda.gov