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  1. 05 RMZ-250

    stock exhaust

    yea its fairly loud but dont make it any louder. you dont want a really loud pipe all your gona do is piss people off and make it harder to open up new places to ride.
  2. 05 RMZ-250

    Problems with 05 Rmz250

    i have had only problems with the o ring spacers behind the front sprocket as well. Great bike deffinatly get it
  3. 05 RMZ-250


    a reeal good boot that is cheap is the thor quadrant boots...they are $130 and will last you a couple seasons...everyone sais go alpinestar but theres many good boots out there cheaper than a-stars
  4. 05 RMZ-250

    How to do the perfect whip??

    its simple to do but hard to explaine. if your gona throw your rear end out to the right, hit the jump aiming to the right like your gona go off it cruckid. when you are on the face just about to go off lean back a bit and put all the weight on the left side of your bike. you want to swing the back end out right so pull the bars down to the left and switch ur body possition forward and brop the throttle a lil bit to bring it back...i told you its hard to explaine but when you actuelly do it this will probley make sense
  5. 05 RMZ-250

    Do You Holler When You're...GOING DOWN?

    ha i have a helmet cam and every time i get swirlly or think im goin down or do go down i yell. i catch my self talking to myself too
  6. 05 RMZ-250

    What Tricks can you do?

    ha all i can do is: whip 1 footed can can small nac nac half ass heelclicker then basics no footer no hander
  7. 05 RMZ-250


    the main thing is you have to know that you can do it. and dont be doing it to impress somebody cuz you will get hurt. i learnd from pacing people that i knew could do it. get behind them and match their speed and hit it. for tabletops just go a little faster every time. doesnt hurt too bad when you dont clear a tabletop...cant say the same for a double or triple though.
  8. 05 RMZ-250

    Arm Pump

    ok now everyone is going to laugh but I guarantee that MIDOL will prevent you from having arm pump at all. all it is is a muscle relaxer. also eating bananas the week before a race or just riding will help a ton! laugh it up.
  9. 05 RMZ-250

    leaking from front sprocket? help

    there is oil leaking from my front sprocket. i took off the cover and looked on the bottom side of the sprocket and there is oil leaking from it. im only 17 and im just gettin used to workin on my own bike so any suggestions?
  10. 05 RMZ-250

    Wheres all the new 06 rmz250 owners at?

    i dont think many 05 bike owners are gona the the 06 because of the few mods. the main differance is the blue graphics and different seat possitioning.
  11. 05 RMZ-250

    How tall are you all who ride the KXF and the RMZ?

    im 5 '10 and weigh 140. i am riding an 05 rmz 250. stock it comes great for a person my size.
  12. 05 RMZ-250

    Keys to keeping your 4-stroke in top shape

    how do i check my valve clearance?
  13. 05 RMZ-250

    '04 Rmz-250?

    i had the 04 and got rid of it for the 05. the 04 was a good bike but overheated often, it was harder to get started once it was hot than my 05 is. it is a good price but i would look into a used 05