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  1. Just thought I would pass this along to anyone thinking of removing the air box backfire screen, or not replacing a defective or missing one. Probably not a good idea! My brother found today that his air filter and plastic filter cage were melted. Filter had a two inch by 3 inch hole melted in it and the cage is needing replacement as well. This was with the screen in place! NO holes or tampering etc. I can only imagine that without the screen, things could have been worse. Or this type of thing could happen more often. Keep a check on your filter!
  2. I was afraid by his statement, that someone would not make the connection ,increased compression increases stresses.
  3. Would you explain to the peeps in all your infinite wisdom how increasing compression does not increase stress on engine components? Thanks!
  5. They just don't work that well, period.
  6. Just as a note: The thick outside washer needs to fit down in the outer seal. It is very tight. Don't put it back without it in the seal or it may be torn. Use lots of grease, very important!
  7. You bet, two thin washers and thrust needle to be replaced by... yellow washer sandwiched by thin washers, got it?
  8. From inside: Long spacer seal large needle bearing thin washer teflon washer "yellow" thin washer seal thick washer
  9. Not really... The thrust needle bearing is just replaced by the "yellow" washer and the outside washer just doesn't have the flange. Clear it up?
  10. This should show you what you need to know.
  11. That was my point. Do you think the best guy in the shop does all the tire changes?
  12. Don't bother with the carver if you don't already have one. A hack saw blade will do the same thing. A wood rasp (cheese grater) is a nice tool to finish up with. Good Luck!
  13. You'll get used to it, and like it. Give it a chance.
  14. You don't want anyone mounting your tires, even if it's free!
  15. I've been riding in PA for almost 40yrs and don't know for sure. The reason? PA has never really recognized Dirt Bikes. ATVs ?... yes. Thanks to the hunters I guess. The laws are very clear for ATVs and are as follows: Operation on streets and highways ATVs may be operated only on streets and highways designated and posted as an ATV road by the government agency having jurisdiction over that road. An ATV may make a direct crossing of a street or two-lane highway if: The crossing is made at an angle of approximately 90 degrees to the direction of the highway and at a place where no obstruction prevents a quick and safe crossing; The ATV is brought to a complete stop before crossing the highway; The driver yields the right-of-way to all oncoming traffic that constitutes an immediate hazard; The crossing of a divided highway is made at an intersection of that highway with another street or highway. ATVs may be operated on streets or highways during periods of emergency, if declared by the jurisdiction, or when necessary to cross a bridge or culvert. Operation during special events ATVs may be operated on highways and streets for special events of limited duration approved by the local authority having jurisdiction over those roadways. Operation on private property It is illegal to ride your ATV on private property without permission from the landowner. All that said, I doubt the Officer is going to know or care about any of this, from my experience. The Dirt Bike is the red headed step child of PA., so if your riding a four wheeler you may get off. Dirt Bike? Who knows? To avoid any confrontation, mis-understanding or an Officer that just has it in for off-road vehicles... I'll tell you what works in every state in the union... Motor off and push at 90 to the road where its safe to do so, you'll never have any problem. Hope this helps.