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  1. hedpi

    CDI or TPS 00'426

    so what ended up being the problem? i have the same symptoms. they appeared almost suddently altough i suspect of either the hot start or the tps.. (or the coil maybe?). thanks
  2. hedpi

    Front Sprocket nut wont stay tight

    yeah i had that problem on my YZFR6 because the washer wasnt there, i got the washer, problem gone..
  3. what tube? the breather tube on the cam cover? then you must have too much oil.. to check oil level idle the bike for 3minutes or so, then while straight, kill the engine and check the oil level (right after shuting her down, not 5 minutes later)
  4. it's tight when the tensioner is on...but i don't know if it's as tight as it should be! but i think it's tight enough not to make noise, either way i have put up more than 40hours on it so i will put a new one in asap
  5. thanks, i will try changing the chain and readjusting the valves, i'm using castol gps 10w40 so i guess the oil is not the prob! will also check the decomp, but it has like 1/2cm of slack so i guess it's not that either
  6. http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=5EDCB77963CF46C192671F136A5B98CA
  7. hedpi

    timing issues

    hello grayracer, i may have explained myself poorly, my cams are stock early YZ! so i'm guessing the correct answer is all that but with 12 instead of 14, right? so that the 12oclock dot points up edit: ok i tried 12 and it seems ok..
  8. hedpi

    timing issues

    Well, if i align the cam lobes as it's pictured on the 450cam conversion, the dots on the other side are not even near being aligned, if i align by the dots, the lobes don't align. also, i don't know if it's 14 pins or 12 pins, between the 2 dots.. i now have it aligned by the dots (lobes look wrong) and she starts and runs, but it feels very underpowered so i know it's probably wrong.. can someone point me in the right direction on this? every topic seems to say a different thing... some say 14 pins and align per dots, some say 12, some say dots are not fullproof so do it by the lobes.. i'm tired of taking it apart and putting it back together.. what's the 100% fullproof way to set your timing right?
  9. hedpi

    What size numbers?

    make a search for "pictures" here, 90% have numbers on the plates so you can get an idea of how each look
  10. hedpi

    What size numbers?

    ohhh... a number!! lol... actually i prefer the bigger ones over the smaller ones, but it's a personal choice i think.. each one of us has his favourites.. anyway if you get them too big you can always cut a bit, if you get small you cant
  11. hedpi

    What size numbers?

    i'm sorry but i don't understand what you are asking
  12. hedpi

    Loud ticking sound.....

    cool i wasn't so lucky, still haven't found what's causing the noise on mine
  13. hedpi

    Need help w/full top end rebuild

    that happened to me and the problem were only the valve seats and valves, 2 were leaking and the valves needed adjusting, after that she was ok again
  14. hedpi


    Well i bought the ss valves, because it had ss valves in there before, and it wasnt noisy! well it was noisy, but not like this.. i think the tensioner is ok, cause when it is "activated"/"unscrewed"/whatever, the chain is stretched..the guys at the shop that did the seat work say it's not caused by the chain but i dont know.. yeah it seems to come from the valves, and its a little bit more audible on the right side than on the left side.. but very very audible on both.. yeah the bike is noisy, but it wasn't this bad, it was just normal valve noise.. now it's so noisy that everyone turns their head to see where is the "ducati"..lol