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  1. Head Works

    1978 Husqvarna 250 OR

    Great information! Thanks for the help
  2. Head Works

    1978 Husqvarna 250 OR

    I picked up a real nice 1978 250 OR. I have a few questions if anyone can help. This particular one has the 17" gold Rims. I know that the 1978 OR had polished 18". Is this something that got switched or were some with the 17" and some with the 18"??? Is it a good vintage race bike? History? What is this bike worth? It definitely is the 1978 OR...it has the right engine and frame Numbers? Thanks for the help.
  3. I am looking for the 1998 national from Red Bud - 125cc class. If anyone out there has any leads on where I could get it..please let me know. On DVD would be great. Thanks
  4. Instead of looking through all 52 pages of posts....What are the latest recommendations. I downloaded your instruction manual on the first post....have there been any changes to that manual? What is the latest? 06 crf450
  5. Head Works

    '06 valve problems?

    Some people have had these bikes since early fall and problems are starting to arise. The 06 does have a different seat material, but, like most people are saying, this is a high performance motor and this stuff is going to wear out! OEM quality material is not the best and neither is the coating. One can go the steel valve route or the different Ti valve and seat material route. These bikes run so good in stock form. The valve train is standard maintenance in a 4 stroke just like pistons and rings were in a 2 stroke. HW
  6. Head Works

    titanium valves?

    There are a number of choices out there for valves. They are ti valves from the factory. but not the best grade of Ti and not the greatest coating. Make sure they are centered over the seats and that they seal. let me know if i can help. Head Works
  7. Head Works

    06 KXF 250 lunched motor.

    We got in a 06 KX250F in with 6 hours and same thing. We are finding that the machine work on the seats is not centered with the guides and the valves are getting side loaded and breaking. not good. They need to be re machined and make sure they are centered and that they seal. to bad. let me know if you think the head is trashed or not...i might be able to save it. i did not look that closely at the pics. Head Works headworks10@aol.com
  8. Head Works

    head question

    The "Valve Job" is performed on a Sunnen VGS-60. It is a 3 angle machining process. One of the biggest problems we are finding with modern heads is the valves are not centered over the seat. This gives the valve a side load and will break off the heads of the valve, and then that is a major repair. We just saw this on a 06 KXF50 with a few hours on it. I would recommend getting a valve job to insure that the valves are centered over the seats and you get a perfect seal. I would recommend the valve job. It is a small price to pay for insuring that head is machined and assembled correctly. As far as the parts i would need....please send me the all of the new parts you have so i can cut and build this so all you have to do is bolt it on. Do you have new seals? Include springs, Valves, lower washers, retainers, keepers and valve guide seals if you have them. If you send the cam and cam holders, i could even shim the head for you...contact me and let me know!!! Thanks Tim headworks10@aol.com
  9. Head Works

    head question

    I would like to help you out!! Valve job is $100 or disassembly, cleaning, valve job and assembly with new parts. I am in Tempe, AZ.. let me know headworks10@aol.com thanks Head Works Tim
  10. Head Works

    Where to get valve seats cut?

    Let me know if we can help? disassemble, clean, valve job, reassemble: $100 We carry different seat and guide material that helps longevity of Ti valves. let me know thanks Head Works headworks10@aol.com
  11. Head Works

    Where to get valve seats cut?

    Let me know if we can help? disassemble, clean, valve job, reassemble: $100 thanks Head Works headworks10@aol.com
  12. Head Works

    06 Valve seats?

    If you are looking to replace you seats in the 04, i would go with a nickel bronze seat. It is much easier on the Ti valves. It is supposed to be a better material in the 06 but it is still steel beating against Titanium...and Ti loses. The cost of the nickel bronze seats, above a valve job is minimal considering it will last longer. contact me if you have questions headworks10@aol.com
  13. Head Works

    thinking a top end... but what else?

    The head sounds like it needs to get a valve job and some replacement parts. There are a number of options in fixing your problem, from steel valves to nickel bronze seats. My recommendation is to use steel valves, have the seats re-cut, check the guides for wear, and new seals. I recommend a spring kit along with the valves to compensate for added weight of steel valves. Otherwise, one can use new Titanium valves and get a fresh valve job, new seals, and inspect guides and springs. Total disassembly, cleaning, valve job and reassembly is $100. contact me and let me know if I can help headworks10@aol.com
  14. Head Works

    top end help

    As you can see from this forum, you must keep an eye on your valves more than the piston. 30+ hours is probably as long as you would want to go on the piston, but it does depend on how hard you ride the bike. If you have any more questions on the valves or pistons, please contact me...good luck Tim Head Works headworks10@aol.com