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  1. stad

    250X for a big boy

    I've been riding this a 250x for a year now and I'm still having a blast on it. I'm 250 lbs plus gear 265 or so and this thing just rips around like nobody's business. I love it. No regrets. I had race tech springs put in, that was the best thing I ever did to this bike. I ride tight single track too, and this bike just eats it up. I chose it cause it's so much lighter than the 450x.
  2. stad

    My homemade chain guide, pic.

    Whats the plastic called? Where can I get some? Looks cool too! Sorry to hear about your brokeness.
  3. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    Good news! The dealership agreed to pay for the rebuild completely. It should be done in a week or two. They agreed with my argument that they should have been able to catch the problem with the bike BEFORE it blew up. Thanks to all you who gave me advice and so forth. I did get a service manual and plan on doing more service myself. caleb
  4. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    Sorry to hear about your bike. Who is Ron Hamp? and what is his contact info?
  5. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    Well for $1000.00 they were supposed to do ALL factory maintenance for 4 years. Including oil changes w/filter valve checks and shimming etc. and they have a 24 hour turn around time plus 20% off everything I buy. Sounded like a good deal to me. I don't have a space to work on my bikes for the time being so it is also convenient- Well it was convenient
  6. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    I got that pack in the mail 3 days after this happened. lol!
  7. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    Thank you for the tips. I'm going to talk to the dealer next week and ask them about the piston/rings. It seems to me that for a $1000.00 service contract they should have checked that stuff and recommended a change out way before this happened. I'm also shopping for a service Manuel for the bike and I will take over the service. Maybe they'll prorate the $1000.00 and I can use that to make the repairs.
  8. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    No, I don't check before every ride. That will obviously change in the future. I have the service done so regularly that I thought I was safe. The dealer told me today that it's possible that I could burn all the oil in that amount of time but that would be riding at pro racing levels, which I do not. the riding I've been doing lately is pretty laid back with my wife and a few other brand new riders. I would say 8 of those hours were very mellow.
  9. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    I don't know if it transfered or not. I did check it once during that duration about midway and the levels were fine.
  10. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    I just talked to my dealer and they said the bike had no oil in it. the oil was changed about 10 to 12 hr ago. That sounds crazy. Could this be an oil pump issue?
  11. stad

    Bike locked up on trial today HELP

    The valves were shimmed about three months ago, and according to the service records they have been checked just about every time I've taken it in. I would say the bike has about 250 hours on it.
  12. I was riding at one of my local spots to when my bike began to make the kind of sound a spacer on loose bolt would make. I started to ride the bike back to the truck and wham! It made this sound like forced air being shot out. It did that twice and then locked up. The kick start wouldn't move and the e button just make a click sound. I have a service contract with my local shop, so the bike gets fresh fluids every 2 weeks, and all Honda recommended services. I take care of this bike. Oh, Its a CRF 250x.
  13. stad

    Boyeson Quick Shot

    The Boyesen Quick Shot has been one the the best things I've had done to my bike. The throttle response is incredible. I'm going to add the Power now/Power now plus next month.