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  1. stvker

    I am finally a Husky owner

    I run 20w 50 Amsoil full synthetic motorcycle oil in both of my Huskys Tc250 and Te610, no problems. I ride in temps from 30s to100s seems to do just fine. You can order online or find a local dealer Oil runs about 9.45 a quart
  2. stvker

    06/07 TC250 - Great off-road bike!

    I have the stock tc open muffler, It seems to work fine with the jet kit. I would definiteley do the jetting then work from there if you feel you need more power. Mine pulls very good in low end second and third gear. Where as before i would flame out alot trying to lug in higher gears.
  3. stvker

    06/07 TC250 - Great off-road bike!

    Completly stock everything,exhaust,gearing Etc. Except for the JD Kit. I thought about different gearing, heavier flywheel, exhaust or whatever. But after installing jet kit I feel that there is not much more you could expect from a 250. I ride at 2000-3000 Ft. elevation. I got the JD kit part#jdhq04 wich is for the 06-07 tc250. I set mine with red needle 5th grove, 185 main jet, 42 pilot jet, installed 60 leak jet, small o-ring on AP and set idle mixture screw between 1 3/4 and 2 out, all of this comes with the kit. Instructions say 4th grove but mine had a little bog with that setting. Set to 5th grove and seems very responsive now. Do not be concerned if your bike seems to hesitate whacking the throttle while setting on the stand, Go out and ride it and i think you will be amazed at the difference. I would not do anything to your bike until you try the jet kit. I hope i don't sound like a commercial but this is the first jd kit i tried and i was amazed,It saved me lots of time and money on things that might of not been as effective.
  4. stvker

    06/07 TC250 - Great off-road bike!

    I have a 2005 tc250, I ride nothing but tight woods, had problems with flame out until I installed the jd jetting kit, no more problems with stalling, love this bike in the woods, Handles great and plenty of power in tight woods. Top end could use a little more but Iam 205 pounds and harldly ever ride where i need more top end.
  5. stvker

    610 broken foot peg

    Thanks George, Did not think of that
  6. stvker

    Cycle World Motorcycle Show

    I would like to know more about the INT.Motorcycle show, is it worth going to? There is one coming to the DC area in January that i was thinking of going to. Iwould like to hear more on this subject then people complaning about Harley Davidsons. I think the motorcycle show is what this post was originally about but it turned out to be a complaint about HD instead. This is why I hate reading a long thread on TT because it usually turns in to be something none related. I have learned a lot here on TT, but I could learn a lot more if people whoud stick to the subject posted.
  7. stvker

    610 broken foot peg

    Do you remember the sizes on the bolts, I have tried every thing to get the broken bolts out, but i think iam going to have to drill and retap them, still thinking of welding the pegs afterwards, Does anybody have a reason that they should not be welded?
  8. stvker

    610 broken foot peg

    I dont feel that the bolts where loose but maybe, they broke off flush with the frame and i would think that i could back them out very easy if they where loose,they feel like they are still in there with lock tight.still working on getting them out without having to drill and retap them.
  9. stvker

    610 broken foot peg

    Noticed that my tc250 foot pegs are welded on maybe that would be the thing to do.I dont no why the 610 would be bolted on with two 8MM thread bolts seems like a weak link
  10. stvker

    610 broken foot peg

    I just got back from riding my 2006 te610, made a 3-4 foot jump and my right foot peg broke off at the frame bolts.A very scary landing, but i made it without a crash. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did you do to cure this problem? I will always think about this in the future unless i have a more reliable mounting system for the foot pegs.
  11. Lemon I would say, believe me when you use a truck for work and have to depend on it and pay for it yourself you do not abuse it.I know there are lemons in all of them but the way GM handled the problems was phathetic.
  12. I Have had all three trucks and have used them for work, hauling 95% of the time, the last chevy i had with duramax and allison, And after the problems i had with this truck i would never buy another gm product that truck was in the shop 13 times in ten months and i lost 46 days of work without my truck.After Contacting GM about all the problems with my new truck they basically told me they where sorry for my luck. I now have a dodge 3500 with cummins diesel and automatic trans. My opinion is the dodge is the best work truck and the others will probaly do fine for some work and play. The few times i drove the dodge not pulling i got over 18 miles to a gallon. pulling i get about 10-12 miles the truck pulls better than the others and it only has a 373 rear, I would not trade my dodge truck for any chevy truck made
  13. stvker

    Shame on DirtRider !

    Not all states require turn signals
  14. stvker

    05 TC250 service manual

    My 05 TC250 Owners manual has valve adj. procedures in it
  15. stvker

    TE-250 verses XR-250R & CRF-250X

    Is this a trick question, the xr250 will not hold a candle to a husky 250, i have ridden a crf250x but i would take the husky over the honda, love the power and handling of the husky