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  1. lowkid37

    Throttle Hand Going Numb

    I have the same issue when i ride street or dirt an any type of bike both my hands go numb and have to shake it off, they also go numb in my sleep. I've been told to go see a doctor about carpal tunnel just haven't done it yet. guess its time!
  2. lowkid37

    Looking for a riding buddy for Tahuya

    i would be down to meet up on weekends I'm new to up there, I've only been there once. i will let everyone know when we head that way again!
  3. lowkid37

    Washington best single track

    looking for some good single track anywhere in the northwest, i haven't been many places only tahuya and a bunch around shelton. I'm ready to start venturing out and finding some new areas to ride, i love single track trails but don't mind riding some quad trails also. what are the other best options around the great NW?
  4. lowkid37

    Found something at Tahuya today!

    any clues on what you found? a friend and i were up there but don't know if we lost something haha