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  1. Eddie, I ended up with a 45 pilot jet and about 1.75 turns on the fuel screw. The bike is now extremely fast! I am very happy with it. I do have one more question though... I was on a dirt road following my brother on his 1972 TS125. I was in second gear and wacked the throttle wide open on my WR426. The bike took off awesome but in about 4 or 5 seconds (maybe less) the engine started cutting in and out. At first I thought maybe my main jet was too small, but after doing this a couple more times (staying in 2nd gear) it occured to me that I might be hitting a rev limiter. Is this possible? The cutting in and out seemed pretty rythmic, one second on, split second off, one second on, split second off... I don't really have any experience with these new four strokes. I could hold my 2000 DRZ400S wide open in second without this happening. Thanks, Chad
  2. Thanks man! I am going to do the exhaust cam timing tonight.
  3. I just purchased an 02 WR426F and have been doing a LOT of searching on the forums here learning about how to make the bike faster. I have a plan of action and would like to get some input on how you (or others) think it will work. I live and ride in Southern California between sea level and about 2,000 feet. I have gone through the bike to see where it's at before I made any changes. Here is what I found: Real strong right off idle, lifts front wheel a heck of a lot easier than my '00 DRZ400S but the midrange and topend seem flat. The bike is stock (jetting included) except for the throttle stop being cut down (way too far) so I ordered the one for the YZ426F. The bike also has a FMF powerbomb header and the original Q muffler. This is what I plan on doing: * Remove lid from airbox * Disconnect grey wire (seems to be varying opinions on weather or not this does anything ) * YZ exhaust timing * Disable the ACV I basically want the bike to run like a YZF with a wide ratio tranny and flywheel weight. I am planning on jetting as follows: Stock 02' YZ426F needle 5JG-14916-JP-00 clip in the 4th position 165 or 168 main jet 42 pilot jet 72 choke jet 2.5 turns on the fuel screw stock 02' YZF air jets (100 maj, 200 paj since the ACV is disabled). Please let me know what you think about the mods I am planning on doing and especially on changing the carb to YZF jetting. I am really wanting to turn this bike into the monster I have read about in the forums. Thanks, Chad