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  1. KX450F345

    Nut on the Front Sprocket???

    come by VELOCITY POWERSPORTS in summervillle,sc . I have new ones in stock .
  2. KX450F345

    Silver Creek and Daniels Ridge mx?

    DRidge is ok ....im a +30/+35 vet A rider and its pretty good. Red clay nice jumps, flat turns . silly woop section . Track use to split and you had two options at a big jump ...always did the right side . I have been racing in NC SC for 30 yrs if you need any other info send me a note maybe we can ride some time . My boys are on 85 super mini and 50 pro sr
  3. KX450F345

    Hi Flow Oil Filters

    Do you mean the brand HI-FLOW? I work at a shop and can get you filters at a great price .
  4. KX450F345

    48 rear sprocket

    Has anyone tried a 51 or 52 to just run the whole track in 3rd. I did this on my 03 crf and it worked great.
  5. KX450F345

    KX450F plastic

    I hope there is a recall ....I broke mine off 1st day . then it took 2 hrs to frankinstein it back on w/zip ties . It took kaw 6 weeks to get me the new one . They are on back order again now .
  6. KX450F345

    Transworlds review on the KXF450

    well coming off a 03 crf450 with 20mm off set clamps, forks slid so far up they could pick your nose ...the kx450f is the best thing since sliced bread. i can take the inside line with no doubt the front end will stay were i put it. i have had really good luck with the red machines but the kawi is simply the best bone stock bike ive ever had and i have had a new bike at least every other year since my 1974 mr 50 . ride em all then you pick ....remember with great power comes great responsbilty. 8 hrs on mine so far so good .
  7. KX450F345

    ok..so anyone notice anything BAD?

    nothing bad yet ..but first thing i did was put on a longer fuel line and run it up higher so i could get to the choke knob . coming off an 03 crf450.