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  1. thanks again Grey
  2. Are the cam caps mached for the head?or are they interchangable?thanks
  3. thanks grey your the MAN!
  4. Can anyone tell me what year of heads that will fit on a 04 yz 450? and will a 400 or 426 head fit?thanks
  5. thanks Grey
  6. Is the head from a 04 Wr the same head as the 04 yz? thanks
  7. Hello I also have an 04 with the same problem. Hasn't been hot.didn't run low on oil.It has pretty low hrs it has never been opened up before now so the cam caps should have been to factory tourque specs.would like to know what caused this before i fix it to happen again.
  8. Thanks mcnut,ive replaced the crank seal but didnt do the counterbalancer seal guess its next.
  9. Hello everyone ok heres the deal. I have a 04 250x after replacing the left case due to a countershaft bearing failure.It's pulling oil from the tranny side over to the engine side.all bearings and seals are new.any ideas???
  10. I usually disconect it from the engine side.Put it on the airfilter boot side than push everything forward to connect to the head.
  11. There is also a new Sylvesters in Atascadero to.
  12. For the street I ride a 1984 Kawasaki GPZ 750 turbo.
  13. where are you riding?go to the regional forum and ask.
  14. we'll be there about 9:30 and do the whole loop hell we'll do it twice if you want.its about 24 miles a loop.
  15. Hello me and a couple buddies will be over on navaho flats side.stop by we'll go for a ride.red gmc ex cab.