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    Experienced MX and Trails rider near Panama City, FL. Have ridden several MX tracks in CA, FL, and TX, and hundreds of miles of desert trails in CA high and mid altitude. Lots of rough terrain, technical riding seat time. I own a 2001 YZ426F and a 2004 YZ250F.
  1. whyzee426F

    Yamaha YZ426F (2001)


    It's a beast. Keeps up with 450s, very reliable, fast, fun, but it is a bit of a challenge to ride.
  2. whyzee426F

    Yamaha YZ426F 2001

    It's a beast. Keeps up with 450s, very reliable, fast, fun, but it is a bit of a challenge to ride.
  3. I don't use them because they caused me to break a thumb when I went over the bars and clipped the end of my thumb on the flag as I tumbled.
  4. whyzee426F


    Twice. The first time was on a track I had never ridden after it had been groomed...I was used to sliding around on dry desert sand...the increased traction sent me all the way over a 75 ft table top...but prior to that, on the way up the face of the jump, I did the math and realized my speed was higher at that point it had ever been, got the pucker factor and chopped the power. You know what happens when you do that on a 4 stroke! Yep. Front wheel down, rear up in the air and I went over the bars when the front wheel hit and bottomed out the fork. The bike flew right over head. I did a superman and skidded across the ground on my chest protector. My back hurt a bit from bending it the wrong way, but was otherwise okay and the bike kept running. The second time was in the desert when I put the front wheel in a wash after a jump on a trail. Broken the end of my thumb.
  5. whyzee426F

    Yz 426F Camshafts

    Okay, so it sounds like you have properly aligned the cams, assuming you're following a manual and aligning with timing marks per instructions. Is the crank also in the correct position? If so, you should be there. You can always torque stuff down then spin the motor by hand with no spark plug. A few complete cycles of the motor will help to ensure it all lines up without issues.
  6. whyzee426F

    Busted up exhaust holding back my yz426f?

    You need a new can and should be able to find a used one on ebay.
  7. whyzee426F

    Yz 426F Camshafts

    When I put my motor back together after a complete rebuild, I followed the manual. I recall the cams needed to be completely horizontal, but it appears yours are both slightly canted up and not level. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by saying you now know the intake cam is no good. Why? Are there no timing marks on the sprockets of either cam that help in alignment? I thought there were on mine (I used a hotcam for the exhaust to eliminate the decompression lever). Take your time, relook and rethink, and remeasure and I think you'll get it.
  8. whyzee426F

    Looking for people to ride with

    Just moved to Alexandria and am an experienced rider also, but I have a thumper...YZ 426F. Once we get boxes unpacked, I'll be looking to start riding on weekends. Have you found a good spot yet?
  9. whyzee426F

    San Antonio riding

    Good choice on the bikes. I'm in San Antonio too and having moved here from the mojave desert it is a big adjustment. It's hard for me to not say TX sucks for riding, because compared to CA it does. I have ridden once at DBSA, have been to buffalo valley, cycle ranch, and hidden falls. Hidden Falls is by far the best riding I've found but it is 90 miles away and when I rode there no one would stay with me on the expert trails. DBSA was okay, but when I went it was like $250 bucks to join plus work days. Now it is under new management and I think cheaper. Let me know if you want to go up to hidden falls -- I am not a novice and am really looking for someone of equal skill level to ride expert level trails with.
  10. Yep, get a hot cam exhaust cam or a yz450 exhaust cam...eliminates decompression lever and will give you more grunt and smooth out the hit. FMF powerbomb with the factory muffler is what I run and the bike is fast. I also have jet kit. If you're riding mx, my experience has been you'll override the suspension before you run out of power.
  11. whyzee426F

    426 new to me, potental concern

    ...normal stuff man, no worries. Enjoy your bike. Lots of good info on here to help you keep it running.
  12. whyzee426F

    How many TTers in TX?

    I was there Sat and you were right, the track is great! Thanks for the recommendation, and hope to see you out there some time, but no kitchen pass for this coming weekend. :-( I have no numbers on my bike...thinking about using a question mark since my riding is so bad...this past Sat was my first time on a groomed track. I did have fun however, it was humbling getting passed by 15 year olds on 250s running wide open!
  13. whyzee426F

    How many TTers in TX?

    It was already bent from a crash, they just helped it along. I could claim it but my conscience and integrity is worth more than the 100 bucks or so it'll take to fix it. Know a good radiator shop in San Antonio or am I stuck sending it to Mylers in Utah? And hey, thanks for your willingness to help me get tuned in to the dirt bike scene in Texas!
  14. whyzee426F

    How many TTers in TX?

    Well the big move resulted in a leaking left radiator. Probably from when the movers repositioned the bike on the truck after they had initially strapped it down, caving in the left side. They seem to be scarce on ebay right now. But once I get it fixed, I'll be out there! I may have to resort to alumi-seal.
  15. whyzee426F

    How many TTers in TX?

    Just moved to San Antonio from the Mojave desert and I'm Jonesing for a ride. Looks like I got spoiled out there, being able to ride for hundreds of miles starting right out of my garage and hitting the desert.