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  1. Don't you need to use the fast idle when starting a cold engine? Otherwise, bike will stall / won't idle - best I can tell, so far. I'm not running it more than 2 minutes without riding it - have hand on the radiator to make sure it's not getting too hot. My experience has been if I start it with the fast idle and push it in too fast the bike will stall - engine seems to still be cold. I've been riding KTM four strokes and they don't seem to have that variability with the RPMs moving up and down - more of a constant idle when starting a cold engine - hence asking the question making sure that is normal with the Kawasaki.
  2. Hey all, I just picked up a new 2013 KX450F. I'm getting more volatility than I'm expecting when starting the bike cold while using the fast idle button. Once I start the cold engine and have the fast idle button extended, the RPMs seem to rise and fall - without even touching the throttle. What would be causing the idle to have so much volatility when first starting up the bike for the day? Should the RPMs rise and fall so much without touching the throttle? The bike seems to be revving higher than I would expect. Not sure what's causing it to rev and drop off, rev again etc... Once the bike warms up a bit and I push the fast idle screw down the revs drop and I get a nice smooth consistent idle. Should I be concerned with the bike's behavior with the fast idle? Two videos are shown below so you can hear what I'm hearing. The first is the bike starting up with the fast idle screw pulled out. You will see the RPMs all over the place during idle. The second video shows the bike settle down into a nice smooth idle after I push in the fast idle screw. Anything wrong in the first video? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. I just picked up a new 2013 KX450F last week. I've got a question regarding the sounds the new bike is making when starting a cold engine. My starting procedure is to pull out the fast idle screw and then give the bike a few kicks. The bike will fire and start to rev a bit. I'm used to a pretty constant hum from the engine with the idle screw pulled and then after 20-30 seconds or so pushing the screw back in and having the rev's drop and idle. Instead, after I get the bike started the revs seems to go up and down - there appears to be more volatility than I'm expecting in idle with the fast idle screw extended. The bike seems to rev too much without me even touching the throttle - then the RPMs will fall then climb again. Is this normal idle behavior with a cold engine start with the idle screw pulled? Once the bike warms up and I push the screw back in - things sound pretty normal, a constant smooth idle. What's causing the volatility with my idle? See videos below. The first is the cold start behavior with the fast idle screw out. Note the revs going all over the place. The second shows the high revs dropping once the screw is pushed back in. Is anything wrong in the first video? Normal sounds / behavior? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. SavannahMXer

    250F - What to buy?

    Thanks St. Martin. Great handbook by the way.
  5. SavannahMXer

    250F - What to buy?

    Not trading the KTM. Those are just the best deals I could find calling around on straight up out the door pricing. The Yamaha and Kawasaki's have good rebates going and the Honda is from a large dealership that always sells for rock bottom pricing. Not sure about the KTM - they are just more expensive to begin with.
  6. SavannahMXer

    250F - What to buy?

    It was a two stroke and it ate about 10 powervalves over a very short period of time. I remember the nuts and bolts were low quality as well. Just didn't seem to be reliable and even today I think resale value is the lowest of all the manufacturers. Maybe they have changed - dunno.
  7. SavannahMXer

    250F - What to buy?

    I am comfortable with the KTM's and they have great parts. Love the hydraulic clutch, brakes, build quality and the engines. My only reservation is with the suspension - just feel like the KYB / Showa stuff on the Japanese bikes are superior. One cool thing about the KTM though is that you can go with the electric start although it's probably not necessary with the FI bikes these days.
  8. SavannahMXer

    250F - What to buy?

    I had back luck with a Suzuki a number of years ago. Not sure I could spend that kind of cash and deal with lackluster build quality / reliability issues. I know it's a great bike but don't think it would hold up reliability wise. Haven't priced them either honestly.
  9. SavannahMXer

    250F - What to buy?

    I currently ride a 2008 KTM 450 SXF. I'm looking to pick up a second bike, thinking 250F to go with a smaller, more flickable ride. Here are my options currently - any thoughts? I want something reliable and would like to have fuel injection but it's not a deal breaker. Based on the bikes / prices below what makes the most sense? 2011 KTM 250 SXF - $6,800 OTD 2011 Honda CRF250 - $6,400 OTD 2011 Kawasaki KX250F - $6,000 OTD 2010 YZ 250F - $5,800 OTD
  10. SavannahMXer

    2009 yz 450 otd price?

    Where did you pick the bike up in GA for that price OTD?
  11. SavannahMXer

    2009 YZ450F - Easy to start?

    What's the best bet jetting wise? Pick up a JD kit? I'm pretty close to sea level.
  12. I'm considering picking up a 2009 YZ450F and am curious as to how easy these things are to start both cold and hot? I hear the jetting is pretty spot on. Are there any other things that need to be done to these bikes, except replace the silencer? Thanks, SavannahMXer
  13. SavannahMXer

    Looking for answers - cutting off KLX450R

    Too big, heavy, cluttery and complicated. It was actually my dads bike - he went back to the 2008 250XC two stroke KTM
  14. SavannahMXer

    Looking for answers - cutting off KLX450R

    Basically, yeah. I mean they rode it around and it was fine on the day we traded it in. I just feel like I should help them get it running right. Not sure what happened to it in the meantime.
  15. SavannahMXer

    Looking for answers - cutting off KLX450R

    Hey guys, We recently traded in our 2008 KLX450R and it ran fine in the parking lot. It's been about 2 weeks and the dealer called up saying the bike wants to die when you let off the gas. I figured it was that it wasn't getting warmed up but I went over to the shop today and we let it run for a few minutes with the choke on - had no problems with the bike just sitting there. However, as soon as you roll on the throttle and cut it back (choke on or off) the bike doesnt sit back at idle the motor just cuts off. In other words, after it gets warmed up and you crack the throttle and back down where it should regain its idle it just dies. We adjusted the idle up so I don't think its an idle issue. Also, when giving it gas it kinda pings or sounds like somethings up inside the engine. Basically a metallic type sound that I don't remember hearing before. I'm not sure what's up. They said they changed the plug and are going to drain the fuel today (maybe it got water in it?) Beyond that any suggestions? What would cause the bike to die and why would the engine sound different. If they mixed the gas with oil by accident could that account for the erradic behavior? Thanks in advance. The bike ran great before - not sure whats up.