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  1. dmesserli

    ttr 125l front fork springs

    Does anyone know of a post that explains how to swap the fork springs for TTR125? I have read quite a bit here about the need to do it, but not much on how to do it. I am just looking for some basic info on changing springs & replacing the fork oil. I have never taken forks apart before and don't know what to expect. Thanks!
  2. dmesserli

    Who's from NorCal?

    towne, I was reading a couple of your previous posts and saw that you were looking for folks to ride with in the area. I live up in Cloverdale and just bought a KLR650 & don't really know anyone else who rides dual. I also ride my other off road bike up at Cow pretty regularly. Let me know if you want to go ride sometime. Dave
  3. dmesserli

    CRF 70 Idle Question

    I just went though the same problem and tried all of the solutions mentioned. I finally adjusted the valves and the bike works amazingly well. Starts and idles perfectly.
  4. dmesserli

    2005 CRF70 auto clutch problem??

    Everyone- Thanks for the help. Between adjusting the clutch, cleaning the pilot jet, and adjusting the valves- it starts first kick and runs perfectly.
  5. I just purchased a used '05 crf70 for my son that had been sitting for a long time. I drained and cleaned the carb and was able to get it started although starting/idling is still difficult. The other thing that stands out is that the bike lurches forward when I put it into gear and then dies. I got it going again today and all in the sudden, it shifted smooth and did not lurch- and would now start and idle well. Later that day, I tried it again and the same problems. Could it be that there is something in the clutch sticking from sitting? Hope this isn't a dumb question- not much experience working on these things. Thanks.
  6. dmesserli

    Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F

    Model (YZ or WR 250F): 2005 WR250F Timing (WR-YZ): Stock Main jet: 185 Pilot Jet:42 Fuel screw (turns out): 1 3/4 Needle model/Clip position: Stock Airbox lid (on or off):On Pipe: pipe reducer removed Altitude where you ride: 500-1000 Temperature where you ride: 50-90 Other mods: Gray wire mod Degree of satisfaction:Unbelievable difference! Plenty fast for me! Have only ridden it up and down my street, but am dying to get it out on the dirt. Was disappointingly slow and sluggish before mods.