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  1. wheels7

    new racer quesioions for d36 class

    ask in the california section or visit www.ama-d36.org
  2. drill some holes in it ?
  3. wheels7

    G450X Susp.Revalve-Dicks or E.E. whats best?

    I use dicks racing for all my suspension needs plus he has tons of experiance already with the bmw stuff check this out http://www.dicksracing.com/moto_news/dicks_racing_and_as_bmw_team_up_to_sponsor_jordan_brandt_for_2010
  4. wheels7

    Sticking Throttle Cable

    Thats crazy that this thread was brought up, yesterday while i was racing a local harescramble i fell and my throttle was pinned wide open and it wasnt at the tube. It ended up being down where the cable goes into the carb. I wil now be definitely safety wiring the cable down there. It is a real problem and i lost about two minutes on the course.
  5. wheels7

    Bay area KTM Dealers

    +1 on ace. Jim is a good guy thats got some good deals.
  6. wheels7

    Pozo Hangover Race

    it wasnt a race merely a ride day lol. Was a good day, good conditions in spots, lots of hack but a fun event with a great bbq. where will results be posted for the trail ride?
  7. wheels7

    Suspension for 2010 YZ450

    If your looking to get it set up I know MX1 suspension has been testing on there 2010 quite a bit and is finalizing their specs right now. When you get your bike I would strongly suggest giving them a call I know a few people who ride with their yamaha stuff and say there is nothing better. check em out here www.mx1suspension.com
  8. wheels7

    450sx rear shock mod?

    I have had Dicks revalve both my forks and shock revalved by Dicks and the results were simply amazing. I ride a combination of hare scrambles and motocross and i have no complaints. Dick has also been very helpful with tuning in my set up to be exactly what i need it to be. I would definatly give him a shot if u need more proof that his stuff works just check out his website and the reviews he has recieved.
  9. I learned you dont have to pass for first place in your class in an hour long race by the first lap:bonk: and lose a bunch of time. I also learned its easier to just holeshot lol:thumbsup:
  10. wheels7

    Stillwell or Dicks Racing ?

    I've had good luck With Dicks racing. He has set up my last 3 bikes and all have worked perfectly, no complaints at all. If your looking for other expert opinions Check Out www.dicksracing.com and look at the reviews to see what the different magazine's have thought of his work. On another thought with that 300 you should aslo check out his carb mods... huge gains and well worth the price.
  11. wheels7

    Lifan or Jailing 125?

    pinger just sell it
  12. wheels7

    Dicks Racing 36/39 carb?

    Ive talked to Dick about loss of low end with this mod and i now understand that there is no loss of low end with this mod, because the carb is unchanged from 0- nearly 1/2 throttle. The only loss that mxa felt during their review was due to switching from the stock v-force reed valve to the boyesen.
  13. wheels7

    Dicks Racing 36/39 carb?

    36/39 carb mods are great makes the lil 200 pull nice and strong up top. I may soon have Dick cut the head and port the cylinder to get this baby full boost. but the carb mods are definatly a worthy mod.
  14. wheels7

    core cooler

    i like mine it works pretty well.
  15. wheels7

    Dicks Racing ?

    I've had him set up my last three bikes and he hit the nail on the head perfectly everytime, being able to tune out any problems I had. My last two bikes were an 04 rm 250 and an 08 200xc both being set up for moto/cross country and all i can say is they both were flat excellent. PM me if you have any questions as Ive delat with him a couple times.