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  1. kxracer27

    New X Games Event

    i want to see the GOAT do freestyle lol thatd be nuts.
  2. kxracer27

    2 smoke question

    yea bro i used to hate that. it happened with my old kx100 then i jetted leaner problem solved.
  3. kxracer27

    last ride before it was sold (pics)

    just curious why will you never own another 4 stroke? ive ridden 2 strokes all my life and am thinking about getting a 4 stroke
  4. kxracer27

    Is this piston still good?

    if you can get another piston, dont take the chance of using that one. looks pretty beat. it could just give you bigger problems.
  5. kxracer27

    -im giving up-

    you guys are almost 30 and your fighting on the internet. lmao
  6. kxracer27

    My First MX Race...and I survived.

    good job. hopefully more to come
  7. kxracer27

    -im giving up-

    just because you cant race every weekend doesnt mean you should quit doing what you love. man up and find a way to make as much money as you can.
  8. kxracer27

    Cool Pic From My Race Today

    thats sick bro
  9. kxracer27

    More pics

    yea switch it up a little. very clear pics tho
  10. kxracer27

    where does this go

    on your motor
  11. kxracer27

    twitch stenberg

    he has turetts
  12. kxracer27

    twitch stenberg

    his rear brake pooped out and he cant do flips without it, hes pissed at his mechanic
  13. kxracer27

    steel wool as muffler repacking

    i dont see a point in using it, but the only thing it could hurt is the backpressure depending how you put it in
  14. kxracer27

    "Factory" bikes

    factory bikes are stronger,faster, lighter, and more forgiving than anything we can get ahold of.