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  1. Just do the R.. It's more powerful, better handling, lighter and will do anything the L will do only better.. You will have to give up E start and get a better seat for the R otherwise it is far superior.. Some say air cooled means more reliable, may be if you never look at the hoses, people who have reliability issues because of hoses need to get a grip with a maintenance schedule, their bikes are gonna fall apart anyway.... The water cooled engine will outlast the air cooled one on a hard driven big single, it's the way to go.. The guys with the L's just got smoked by an R (street or dirt) and are trying to find something to point at to try and justify the L.. But it dont work, the guy with the R knows better... Your gonna have to do an R, otherwise your always gonna wonder what your missing..
  2. mtrhd101

    Is the xr600r the red-headed step-child?

    I've had lots of saddle time on a 600R, 400R and now own a 650R.. The 400 is a great trail bike.. The 650 is a great dual sport/fire road bike and does anything and everything the 600 did only much better.. Better power, handling/suspension everything.. As far as reliability goes other than changing some water hoses every few years it's just as solid as the 600 was.. The ONLY thing the 600 had that was better than the 650 is the seat.. period...
  3. mtrhd101

    Watta ya think ? 650R custom dual sport

    454/6-71 Supercharger.. Total roller motor studded head ground pounder with all the goodies, Saturday night import eater..
  4. mtrhd101

    Watta ya think ? 650R custom dual sport

    No, no parts care there.. I bought that Vette about 10 years ago in great condition and have spent $$$$$$ on the thing.. It's got a long list of upgrades including custom leather interior, Kicker competition sound system, lots of performance upgrades.. Sorry, no parts car.. But if you need some parts for that style Vette I can hook you up, I've done lots of work on those..
  5. mtrhd101

    Lean vs. Rich bog

    Rich is a bog, lean is more of a hesitation.. If it gets better when it's warm then it's lean because a warm engine requires less fuel.. Look at the spark plug too, if it's white or bright white then it's lean.. If it's dark like brown to black it's rich.. Perfect would be somewhere in between like a tan or very light brown color plug..
  6. mtrhd101

    Watta ya think ? 650R custom dual sport

    The headlight assembly is stock with the background removed and the windscreen I cut and bent from a flat sheet of acrylic..
  7. mtrhd101

    Watta ya think ? 650R custom dual sport

    I will get some more pics up tonight or tomorrow..
  8. Check out the pics of my latest dual sport creation I've been working on, I did a 400R, 600R and this is the second 650R.. I used Baja designs kits in the past but never liked the the bulky plastic rear fender/license mount nor the headlight parts.. I fabricated all the turn signal and license plate mounts from sheet aluminum along with the trail tech. computer mount, the mounts are very light but strong and almost unseen .. The small windshield I cut and bent from a sheet of acrylic.. I wanted minimal bulk from the added pieces and a nice clean look that appears factory.. I swapped a 2 filament bulb in the rear for brake light, universal pressure switch on the master and moose switch controls.. Along with the re-gearing, intake, pipe, jetting, XR case saver, drilled side panel, seat, trail tech, upgraded headlight plus lots of other stuff that has been done this remains a work in progress from a completely stock bike I bought about 3 mos. ago.. Watta you guys think about the progress so far ? I wanted to post for others to see clean ways to do things other other than just buying a kit and feed on some of my ideas into some creativity of their own.. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/mtrhd101/222.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/mtrhd101/65011.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/mtrhd101/111.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/mtrhd101/6501.jpg Here are a couple more shots, and I thru in some of my 600R with the Baja kit for comparisons sake.. The design I came up with for the 650 is IMO less bulky, looks and fits the bike better.. The Baja kit has the bulky rear tail/license assembly and the headlight assembly doesn't look like it was made for the bike.. This is a great informational website, I have done several of these conversions and just wanted to share some of my experiences/ideas with you guys.. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/mtrhd101/XRrear.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/mtrhd101/XR333.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/mtrhd101/600R.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/mtrhd101/6002.jpg
  9. mtrhd101

    XR650L - to charge Battery - disconnect?

    This is good information but I would dis-connect the negative cable to do anything more that a trickle charge.. Maintenance charge you can get away with, but if it's really low dis-connect the negative cable before charging.. Personally, I dis-connect, wouldn't you hate to buy a CDI unit because you were too lazy to take one bolt out ??
  10. mtrhd101

    XR650R White Brothers E-Series FS in Classified

    I bought a used E-series for 110.00 including shipping on Ebay.. 180 is totally reasonable for a new one..
  11. mtrhd101

    Xr650r V Xr400?

    Junk the 400, get a big bore... BRP !!!!
  12. mtrhd101

    650 in a 400 frame, possible?

    I would just buy a bigger bike if I wanted more power, your gonna end up with an ill handling broken Frankenstein.. The 400 was confused enough suspension/handling wise with the power it had, with a 650R motor it would be a joke and break itself especially considering the cobbled up brackets you would have to fabricate to pull it off.. If you find a donor engine from a 650R just repair the whole bike instead of wasting the engine on something like that.. It would be ridiculous IMO..
  13. mtrhd101

    XR650R Front End Vibration @ 70+ mph

    You should balance the wheel/tire assembly, adjust sag, also check the run-out on the rim, most are off some and high speed will exaggerate it.. Mine had a similar feel at about 75-85 mph. adjusting the spokes to correct run-out solved the problem..
  14. mtrhd101

    Free flowing header VS stock header on xr650r

    From what I read the aftermarket headers are a waste of money...
  15. mtrhd101


    Dual sport 15/45, I like to ride fast and thats barely tall enough..