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  1. georgedoggy

    Motocross What happened to Chad Reed?

    does anyone know what happened to reedy? I cant seem to find any info? it seems to me poor old reedy is done and dusted......bad SX season (by his standards) and now a bad start to the mx opener and the media have forgotten him?
  2. back in 05 when i was racing 2-strokes, my motor "engineer" who is in his late 60's said he was going to retire from work until the 4-strokes became popular and now he makes so much money he is still working ! He said to me when i changed to 4-strokes to add a cap full of 2-stroke oil to every tank of gas to help lube the valves. He said it was an old school trick to help counter act the effects of unleaded fuel. All the bike shops in my state send him their motor work and I trust him.... Also, motorex sell a valve saver additive also, but its expensive. stick with 2-stroke oil !
  3. georgedoggy

    2011 kx450 white smoke

    white fluffy smoke is coolant in the motor. if its done a head gasket etc it will blow the smoke during the ride also, not just on warm up. better check it out...
  4. georgedoggy

    Swapping in whoops

    this could be as simple as you being in the wrong gear. if your hitting the whoops straight out of a corner and your in 2nd or 3rd gear, you might need to click up a gear higher. When the bike is high in the rev range, this effects the suspension , try going a gear higher and let us know what happens. You might be surprised!
  5. georgedoggy

    2011 Yamaha 450 WONT START! HELP!

    kinda puts me off buying one of these new FI bikes !!
  6. georgedoggy

    YZF 450 popping on decel

    in my opinion, you need to go bigger on the pilot jet. that would be the first thing id do. if it pops on decel its definately the pilot !
  7. georgedoggy

    Build your own fantacy team MX/SX team!

    Hooters/Monster/Dirty Hoes Yamaha Team 450 Supercross- Chad Reed 450 MX/SX -Ben Townley 250 Supercross- JLaw ! 250 MX/SX- Dan Reardon GO "Dirty Hoes" Racing !!
  8. georgedoggy

    A Good Replacement!!!

    ive bought a motor off these guys before and they are awesome guys to deal with. It took me an hour to undo all the bubble wrap on the motor! that was the main thing i was impressed with was the shipping! top job!
  9. georgedoggy

    Reed quitting???

    ive watched reed on 2 television interviews this weekend here in australia, and he never said he was leaving the usa. The V8 supercars was mentioned but was "in the future" never did he say he was wanting to stop riding bikes, in fact he said he loved what he did and still had the desire to win. That news article seems strange? the television interviews were taken this week as reed is back in Australia. So dont worry guys, reed will be back next year no doubt !!!!
  10. georgedoggy

    New "English" announcer for MX Racing?? Wheres Ralph?

    ive been to the states a couple of times and they cant tell the difference between my "aussie" accent and a british accent. As for Lee Diffee, he's a top commentator, but then again i never had a problem with ralph either. as long as i get to see the racing!
  11. georgedoggy

    04 450 wont start after new topend

    check the following first 1. spark 2. fuel if you dont have spark, then you know where to go, if you have spark but no fuel, then so on and so on. let us know how you go.
  12. georgedoggy

    Broken kick starter shaft 03 YZ450F

    ive just done this also! i bought a used 06 model shaft thinking it was the same but it wasnt. the 06 was thicker/stronger so i suppose yamaha knew it was a problem and beefed it up in later years. ive since bought a new 03 shaft. pretty easy, you have to take off your entire clutch and the kick shaft almost falls out, simply replace and put the clutch back together. takes about 30 minutes if you have the tools.
  13. georgedoggy

    I have an Idea for Chad Reed

    if you think reeds the best australia has produced, just wait until dan reardon gets his game on. he's already running 2nd in the west lights class, the guys a freak. ive seen him race at a state series here in oz, he raced both 250f and 450f plus practices on the same day- a total of 2 1/2 hours of throttle pinned riding! in one day! he is very very fit and will give the yanks a real run for there money! mark my words..... one to watch out for....
  14. georgedoggy

    Who is the NICEST Pro Rider in AMA Motocross?

    bloody kiwis.... if i wasnt married to one, and if she wasnt looking over my shoulder right now, id tell you what i think of you freeloaders ! but, dont worry sheep lover, as soon as townley sets foot in australia we'll claim him as our own! go reed, and go townley!!
  15. georgedoggy

    New Owner

    check the sticky section of this forum, im sure there is a section on backfiring on 450's and how to fix it. im pretty sure its because your bike is running lean. as for the spring, im 250 pounds and i ordered the stiffest spring i could get! ask around and find out what guys your weight are using, it might be trial and error as ifound. i have gone thru 3 rear springs to find the right one.