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  1. bonafide

    Dual sporting a 300

    Anyone done it? I have been thinking about converting an XC and using it as a commuter during the week (34 miles round trip). I would still like to take it to the trails on the weekend. I assume that Baja makes a kit? Just wondering if anyone here has done it already and how the bike handles. Bad idea?
  2. bonafide

    WR 450 vs DRZ 400

    I would like to be able to ride to work a couple of days a week- city riding 34 miles round trip. I would also like to be able to ride to trails ~ 30-40 miles country roads and very little high way. Still pick the WR? I came from a Honda 450X and they are not as bullet proof as the DRZ. I wonder if the WR reliability is more in line with the Suzuki or the Honda?
  3. bonafide

    WR 450 vs DRZ 400

    For dual sporting/commuting. Is it worth it to DS the WR or is it just not as reliable for road miles? I know the DRZ is much more tame but I have heard that the DRZ motor is "XR bullet proof" and I am not as sure of the high performance WR motor. Thoughts?
  4. bonafide

    Show me your dual sported WR....

    Any problems with the additional electrical demands? I wouldn't think so but I also don't assume that the WR has the same power generation as the DRZ. Thoughts?
  5. bonafide

    EXC vs XC, XC-W

    Thanks guys. Any issues with an 05 300 EXC to be leary of?
  6. bonafide

    EXC vs XC, XC-W

    May be a dumb question but I don't have much experience with KTMs. Anyway, which XC is the 2005 more like? the wide ratio XC-W or close ratio XC? Can the 2005 run oN the mx track from time to time? Thanks
  7. bonafide

    Dirt wheels for an SM

    Dakynz.... I thought it would be much simpler. Is it easier to buy a set of SM wheels for the S model? I am not looking to compete, just commute and have fun doing so. Thanks
  8. bonafide

    Dirt wheels for an SM

    Any idea what a set of dirt wheels would cost me for an SM? Any other mods necessary to take off road?
  9. I have had the bike for almost two years and have only put 180 miles on it. It's just too much bike for this 40 year old. If anyone here is looking for more race worthy bike let me know. I am in central, New Mexico and would be willing to travel ~500 miles and meet half way.
  10. bonafide

    Thinking of a new 300 exc-w

    I am also interested and was wondering what the differences were between the XC and XC-W.
  11. bonafide

    NEUVO MEJICO R+S Powersports

    If you think the prices are high at R&S, try buying parts from Sandia BWM
  12. bonafide

    tt parts for our bikes

    I disagree- I just recently bought everything needed to repair my damaged left side (don't ask) - everything from plastics to clutch levers, and bolts and it all totaled ~$130. I was very pleased.
  13. bonafide

    Riding In New Mexico???

    At least it was open
  14. bonafide

    Riding In New Mexico???

    Anyone ride Jemez recently? Wondering if it was muddy.
  15. bonafide

    Riding In New Mexico???

    And it looks like a bunch of trails will be re-opening with all of the recent rain, WooHoo