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  1. baddad420

    86 cr250

    anybody out there have a jug for this old horse. looking to get the back up and running. any help would be greatly appreicated. thanxs, baddad
  2. baddad420

    Titling and plating a trailer in Michigan

    receipt of purchase,or old regristration for the previous owner. should also help.
  3. baddad420

    How many "adult" 150/230 owners?

    road or dirt, doesn't matter what you ride, as long as your in the wind, and having fun. life is too short to sweat the small stuff. you can always make a buck, but you can't make a minute.
  4. baddad420

    Got pulled over today

    all four of my children have rode in front of me, went to the state police to see if there was a law against it, i was told by the Lt. there was no law, its is the discretion of the officifer, as long as it dont impede the operation of the motorcycle. this is in mich. would rather have them in front, in case you have to dump the bike,grab hold of them so they go with you instead of the bike. now i have a side hack, that is designed for 1 adult,so again i went to the state police to see if there was a law against riding 2 children in it, again i was told that there was no law on the books,but he ask how old they were,i told him 3 and 7, he said they would fall under the child saftey seat law, at that point i laughed and said ,how can that be there is no seat belt to strap the seat into. to this day i have occurred no problems. knock on wood. ride to live live to ride....peace. baddad
  5. we were at the dome last year, and at ford field this year, i paid 100 for tickets, 10 for parking, 60 for gas to get there and back, 25 for a tshirt for the boy,20 for eats at the stadium, 3.50 for a bottle of pop, after we drank the ones we smuggled in.we were 8 rows up at the tripple in front of the woops. in my opinion it cost me less this year than last race at the dome. we got more autohgraphs this year, than the dome.the rest rooms were nicer, and never once did i have to wait in line. to me that is a plus from last year. cry in your beer if you want, but it beats having to go to another state to see a sx race. the thing that upsets me is speed channel broadcast of the race. alot of action that was live will never be expierenced by others that didnt make the show. they ought to show the whole thing , not just 1 hr of it.
  6. the price certainly is affordable, than having to go out of state to see a great night of racing!!!!
  7. It was a great night of racing, lots of action. been to silverdome,and now ford field. no matter what the conditions were, no pit party,assigned seats, or whatever. it was still a great night. hats off to all that make it possible. just remember some states dont even get a sx venue.
  8. baddad420

    Tyler Evans Incident

    the other guy was #90, and it started earlier in the lap when evans slammed him in the turn before the staighaway , then in the right hander after the woops #90 repaid the favor to evans, then after the 2nd set of woops evans slammed them both over the berm it all was right in front of me.
  9. baddad420


    whats the best way to break in a new pair of boots? fly vipers.
  10. baddad420


    thanks to all, for the help, will be checking back for anymore info.
  11. baddad420


    anyone have a good recommendations for performance shops in michigan. a good place to have motor work, suspension, or tuning. no bullsh*t please,if you have had work completed and were satisified with it. would like to know thanks baddad420
  12. baddad420


    try a series of gearing changes for the type of riding you do, if you ride different areas then you may need to change gearing to adjust for the area. having different gearing changesmay help with your riding, just a thought.
  13. baddad420

    Ford Field Supercross Mar 25

    yeah the dome was nice, but change always happens. doesn't matter racing is racing, where ever it is we'll be there. remember, you can always make a buck,but you can never make a minute, live life to the fullest. see you there
  14. baddad420


    remember 1 tooth in the front is like three in the rear.
  15. baddad420

    PW 50 Training Wheels?

    try double nuts on the u bolts,or blue loctite, that will cure that