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  1. Sounds just like my 07' box of rocks! Mine sounded like that right off the showroom floor.
  2. Great looking bike! Can you tell me a little more about the TLTD paint you used? Where can I get it? or is it done by a shop?
  3. Duster2

    Smoking clutch...

    I was using Golden Spectro in the first clutch, then went bel rays synthetic and I'm using Maxima synthetic with the current clutch. The current clutch is a barnett, thought I would try something besides OEM, but its ready to go with only 3 races on it!
  4. Duster2

    Smoking clutch...

    I have a 07' YZ450 that I bought new in late Dec. I'm now on my 3rd clutch kit! Has anybody had problems with smoking thier clutch. This is not my 1st 4-stroke abd I don't ride it like a 2-stroke. I adjust the clutch lever by the book (about 8mm of play). Something is not right?? It's starting to get expensive$$$$. Any help would be great!
  5. Duster2

    Stock clutch on 06 yz450f

    My clutch on my 07' only lasted 5 (desert racing) months. But I also ride it like a 2-stroke and 3 of those races where National Hare & Hounds.
  6. Duster2

    fmf ti powercore db level

    98-99db's without the insert.
  7. Duster2

    fmf ti powercore db level

    FMF sales a 96db insert for the Ti-powercore, I run it on my 07 YZ450 and it actually blows about 94db's.
  8. Not sure? But I tried 165/45 this weekend and it is liking it much better! Not sure if its perfect yet, but much better then it was.
  9. Duster2

    Tire combo suggestions

    grayracer, you got to tell me where you get a 952 in so cal for that price!!! I wan't one, I wan't one:applause:
  10. I just can't get the jetting dialed in on my 07 YZ450! I did the circuit adj...bumped up the pilot jet to a 48 from a 45 and bumped the main to a 170 from a 160. I'm riding in the high desert with alt. ranging from about 1500ft to 3000ft. The 48/170 set up was recommended by a bunch of people, but it sure isn't working for me. The off idle response is terrible, and in the slower stuff it just wants to crap out. Hopefully someone can help!! Justin
  11. No drilling or anything like that. Not sure if you can tell from my pic or not but the post bolts where the top part of the tank bolts to the frame. There are also 2 spurs that dig into your neck, you have to tap the post clamp a bit to get them to dig in. Then there is the screw that sqeezes the clamp around the neck. I see you are in Huntington, I'm in Westminster, your welcome to come by and check it out. Justin
  12. Here is a pic of my 07 YZ450 with BRP's under the bar stabilizer mount (SUB mount). It did bring the bars up a good amount but thats what I wanted. A friend of mine got the same mount but slapped some CR low bars on, its pretty darn close to stock height. brpit.com
  13. Duster2

    Saturday 1/6 Ride at Johnson Valley-Bessemer

    Bob, would you mind moving all the rocks off the course, and while your at it a nice ramp up and down the narly stuff would be goog to. Thanks:ride:
  14. Duster2

    AMA Hare and Hound Nat'l. #2 HUSKY!!!!!!

    Nice work Jen!!!!