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  1. Is a DRZ400(kicker) generally worth about the same amount as a DRZ400E or more or less?
  2. dustdirtdr

    2001 DRZ400 Kicker carb questions

    Thank You
  3. dustdirtdr

    2001 DRZ400 Kicker carb questions

    Can the pump squirt be checked with the carb on the bike? Can the needle clip setting be changed on the bike also?
  4. dustdirtdr

    2001 DRZ400 Kicker carb questions

    Thank you Eddie. I appreciate your help.
  5. 2001 DRZ400 kicker snorkel removed pipe drilled 1 1/8" main jet 155 main air jet #200 needle OBDXP-4th slow jet #45 slow air jet #60 air jet #90 adjustable pilot screw 2 1/2 turns riding elevation 6000' and 75 degrees My questions-Would a smaller main jet be more appropriate? Should I change the needle clip setting? This bike and my sons 2003 klx 400 seem very cold blooded, taking 5-10 minutes of warm-up before wanting to run properly. Is this normal for this bike? The carb says CR Flat. Is this considered "old" style as I was wondering what mods would be appropriate for this. Thanks for your time and responses.