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    Stolen race trailer and bikes

    Good news today - the police recovered our trailer!! the bad news - it was completely empty..so we are still missing our 2004 YZ250f and all the riding gear and tools.- It was my sons - he was 16 and made the payments himself. I hate people who think they can take other peoples things. We work hard for our stuff - they should get jobs and earn it!!! Thanks everybody for your support!!!
  2. Pirkolaracing

    Stolen race trailer and bikes

    You can see a pic of the stolen trailer at www.pirkolaracing.com
  3. Stolen on 11/23 early am..2004 United enclosed trailer, tandem wheels, white with stainless all around the bottom. Marked with Pirkola Racing decals, flags has the names Joe and Josh in blue and red lettering on the sides and back gate. also in the trailer 2004 YZ250F s#JYACG18C64A012906 - seat has small tear in it and had #629 on the number plates. Also in the trailer was all our riding gear, tools, gen. air comp. etc. and a 1993 Honda CR125. Any info please call Brett 651-483-1342 or 651-303-0897 or Ramsey county Sherriff at 651-484-3366..Thanks patti2005@peoplepc.com