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  1. Michael4wd

    TE 620: melted left rear indicator

    Local Cycle Shop, They are all over the web. You have all kinds of size choices. Not sure how to post a picture here. Send me an email and I will send you a picture. Mike Michael4wd@aol.com
  2. Michael4wd

    TE 620: melted left rear indicator

    I picked up a set of "Micro Arrow" indicators from Motrax. Used the same mounting holes. I lost mine somewhere around 150 miles, now at 650 and all is well. Also changed out the fronts just to keep things looking the same.
  3. Michael4wd

    TE610 Speedo Setup

    Thank you, I have been looking for how to get the "oil" light to go out. I read the "bozza draft" twice and could not find a reset, just set up. Now the first service is complete.