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  1. Mr. Hodgkins, I have one of your coils for my 08 YZ250 "x"

    ...super happy with it however this spring my battery failed, and thru the process of elimination, I believe I have "lost a pole"?  I have a friend that is savvy on these things and is going to check it more closely, but if you have any thoughts or words of wisdom, please let me know.  I have been working with BD and my friend to isolate the problem and we are pretty sure one side is dead.


    1. hodgkins


      Is it a 2 wire or 3 wire winding? It will be a simple resistance check either way. It should read nearly zero across the terminals. Couple of options if you lost a pole. Ricky Stator and Baja Designs offer a rewind service. I can still buy brand new 2 wire or "single phase" windings from a European supplier and either I can press the new one in or you or another person could press it in. I have a friend with an older E-line unit that lost a pole and he simply found the grounded out section and spliced a new section in. If it is a 3 wire or "2 phase" you may only be using one leg. Switch over to the other leg. 


    2. WR450F_No28


      thanks!!!  the person I have to look at it would understand completely what you are saying :)

      I did the checks you mention for him and BD and they both agree: lost pole

      I will copy it to him.  like I said, "worked fine till it didn't"...weird.  my buddy was like, well...you DO ride a 2T (vibration) and I don't race in the slow class...this bike had the fastest lap times at 2017 24hrs of Starvation on our 50A winning team (I was just hanging on!) ...so...but I am still very happy with the setup. I thought about the ricky stator but buddy said ya, but they wont guarantee it...which is ok but gives me something to think about.  buddy thinks this stuff is easy "you can fix it"..ha! id just screw it up worse.

      appreciate the reply!


    3. hodgkins


      2 or 3 wire stator ? I have used both. On the 3 wire stator most guys only use 1 leg. The led lights these days draw so little you only need 40 or 50 watts to light up the world. Like I said if it's a 2 wire I can still get a brand new one and press out the old and press in the new. I would guess the price would be equal to a rewind.



  2. WR450F_No28

    Yz85 high idle

    Dont forget to check a pinched throttle cable
  3. WR450F_No28

    2014 yz250 - locked up!

    Well..that sucks. We all should realize this would cure anyone of brand blue, but you need to start from the simple and work from there. I know of (literally) 20 yz 250s, varying from years 01 to 13, varied mods, from stock to wicked crazy... that the owners literally ride, abuse, flog, race, trail ride, etc. and they rave...and after all that, I bought a used one in 2009 and I agree...it is almost impossible to kill them..they just go and go and go! "Almost" because NOTHING is bulletproof, and you are showing that anything can happen. I am no genius mechanic but I just think it is either something obvious, or your motor has a flaw that is allowing this to happen...very possible. I mean, I know several of the above mentioned yz 250s that the owner literally shamefully neglects..i am talking black filters, black oil, sagging everything..and they still fire right up and off they go...so...the history is clear, in my opinion. I had a friend whose kid rode a CR85 and could not keep the thing from exploding...and he was a very careful guy...after the second rebuild and explode, I TOOK the bike home and after careful inspection I noticed it had a crack in the airbox jct and was creeping dirt in there...bingo...very hard to see, and I was amazed it did not grenade sooner...hard and $$ lesson.
  4. WR450F_No28

    Yamaha WR250F Vs. Honda CRF250X

    I think this is easier than it sounds. Find a bike (either 250 4t one) that is in good shape. Have a friend that knows bikes and doesnt care about the brand evaluate. If it passes, get it, learn from same friend how to take care of it and it will reward you later when you start wanting something else and you sell it for not much less than you paid for it I have ridden so many flavors of bikes and am considered a fast A rider...i have blown by guys on tweaked out wonder bikes on a relatively stock wr250f...so...i almost guarantee if u buy a decent used 250f, and take care of it, you will love it a lot and not too soon, be ready for an upgrade . Ride as much as you can and i always say: the best bike out there is the one you are riding today! I have ridden 100 mile mountain trail rides on a clapped out xr200 and had a blast! Get a bike and learn and have a blast!
  5. WR450F_No28

    Linkage Bearing Installation

    I use a couple of different length bolts and good washers, with sockets. Two wrenches, and patience/elbow grease...almost always works as a portable press...and no pounding
  6. Just a note to help you understand the post reply: Have a friend with a '11 350XC and he was told that if he stops and lets the motor run without moving (and no fan) that he should shut it off...period. It was puking antifreeze just waiting in line for a special test...so..it could be worse.
  7. WR450F_No28

    08 YZ450 can't kick start (new bike to me)

    see grayracer513...it is actually a lot easier than you think. the stock Yamaha manuals are actually excellent, so if you don't have one, get one
  8. WR450F_No28

    Kx 125 vs yz 250?

    I have a yz 250, and had a 99 kx125 that i 144'd (gorr top end pump gas tuned). I had to sell the kx (am married) and i miss it. It was a hoot! Massive fun factor! I love my yz you bet but miss the crazy fun of the kx.
  9. WR450F_No28

    Trails Tire Reccomendation Please

    Have 18" trials on yz 250 with UHD bridgestone tube at 8-10 psi, no flats, no troubles and actually was pretty happy with it for trail riding, trying to keep up with Maniac998 in moab, fooling around, etc.. bad for mud, bad for snow and to me, for racing, the climbs in heavy rocky (Montana) terrain it was great, but coming down at speed? no like! No like in aggressive turns either (and I am a low rpm torque rider)..so...the tradeoff was not worth it in my opinion, so I will not race with it.
  10. WR450F_No28

    YZ 250 Rekluse Core EXP problems

    Have the Core EXP in a 09 Yz450 that has been flogged and although it is spendy, it is pretty much awesome. Have ridden many zStarts, they are nice! I bought a EXP for my yz 250 2T and see Maniac998 post...no I am not thinking it is fantastic, I like it enough, have not removed it but wish I sprung for the zStart. just my pennys worth. it works well enough and I have no real issues, I purchased only due to price...race it heavily and am ok with it overall. I would troubleshoot the above with new clutch plates absolutely
  11. WR450F_No28

    2014 yz250 - locked up!

    Mitch I cant sneak anything by ya
  12. WR450F_No28

    2014 yz250 - locked up!

    Be sure to not overlook the obvious too...and the fact that there are absolutely zillions of happy yz 250 owners (me included) that race the el-crapola!!! out of them with zero troubles? I have 08 YZ250 mostly stock but mods to race A class offroad, flog the crap out of it...since bought as a used race bike in 2009 have only used amsoil at 50:1 with non-eth pump gasoline: mx, two-day qualifiers, 12hrs, GPs, XCs, epic trail rides, etc. (saying this to prove the versatility/variety of conditions) very bulletproof. Never a fouled plug, absolutely no complaints. Tore it down this past spring for a new piston kit..it needed rings for sure..but not the piston. very happy I knew someone who had a cherry running strong 144 two stroke that he stupidly let a kid ride, kid took it down a gravel road, pinned for several minutes top gear...THAT sized the crank bearing...bike was perfect until that second...I wonder what the load was on the bike when it locked up?
  13. WR450F_No28

    Woods racing my 01 yz250

    I think those are generally the same forks as on my WR450 and I have always used Honda 5wt. set at midpoint of recommended range. (180lb, senior A) Also, I have a zillion miles on my WR and have been reasonably happy with the forks but recently a good friend did the "mid-valve" mod (I bet you can find it in TT somewhere) and he was right..BIG IMPROVEMENT..and it did not take too much effort? IT WAS WORTH IT.
  14. WR450F_No28

    Help me decide on what 450f to get

    truly, one just has to perform some quick research, figure out what you like then pick your color. I have ridden so many new bikes, I really like hopping back on my YZ so brand loyalty does count, but this day and age, it seems to be hard not to find a good bike? Do you like to go to the dealer for help? then to me it boils literally down to that, who is your best local dealer. I will say if you like the Japanese choices in the past, it is a change of tools to go Austrian! they are the same but different..you have to find all the darn tweener metric tools in your toolbox! I have worked on several new kabooms and I would own one for sure..i think they are all good choices...?
  15. WR450F_No28

    Yz450 or wr450? Pros and cons.

    Yeah, sorry Sir GrayRacer, I could not on my reklused yz 450 either I accidentally did it on the 250 2T on the trail, and was like..huh?! ..hmm..is it worth it? Yep..if you youtube search Big Sky XC 2013 you should find my long and boring vid, but it is fun to watch the start. "better to be a racer for a moment than a spectator for a lifetime"...getting older but still enjoying racing!