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  1. tom nolan

    2007 sx 65 clutch diamentions

    can someone please pass on the dimensions of clutch discs and steel plates. I think the bike I'm working on are worn out. much thanks
  2. tom nolan

    2006 Rmz 450 carb issues

    AT first it wouldn't run at all and now after cleaning out the jets, (replacing the pilot jet) and the accelerator pump diaphram, I can't seem to get the engine to idle consistantly. One time it idles really fast and to slow it down I have to pull the hot start momentary to the point that the engine almost dies, pust it back in and than it slows down and nearly dies. At this point I'll rev it up and it starts it's high idle again. If I attempt to turn it idle screw down, nothing happends. When I rev high it seems lean and backfires somewhat...Has Anyone out there ever experenced this problem before?
  3. tom nolan

    Carburetor problems

    I have a 1998 YZ 400 with Idling problems. I took the carb all apart and cleaned it good and replaced the idle jet with a stock one. I set the neddle jet to 1 1/2 turns out from bottom. It seem that it can't seem to find a happy spot to Idle. First it idles really fast and than when I either pull the choke in and out really fast or pull the hot start in and out it seem to idle back to where almost quits. When I rev it up again it starts the fast idle all over again. I try to up the idle stop and than It wants to Idle too fast again. .I am trying to figure out what to do next. Has Anyone experienced this problem on there bike???
  4. I'm working on a 2002 ktm 520 mxc that has sat for over a year. At first, It wouldn't start or run at all. I took the carb apart clean and or replaced all the jets with stock sizes. 175 main, 48 idle and 85 start jets. It starts up fine with the choke on but when the choke is off, the engine will pop and backfire and not come to a idle even when the idle stop is cranked all the way in. It sounds realy lean. I'm close to sea level so I thought stock fetting would be fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance....
  5. tom nolan


    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I checked the kill switch and cluch switch and they both checked good.
  6. tom nolan


    I need help and I'm new to the CRF250 "X" forum, so here goes. I have no spark. I have gone through the normal troubleshooting and I think I've narrowed it down to the pulse coil. The manual does not give a resistance for the pulse coil plus I can't seem to read voltage out of the harness at the correct pins when the engine is turned over. I checked out the parts manual and it appears that I must purchase the whole alternator assy for around $400.. Can this be true? Also, could it be something else that I might be overlooking? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
  7. tom nolan

    Engine installation

    Thanks so much for the advice. I ended up taking off the valve cover, cam gear and rocker assy. The engine went right in like it's suppost too. You can't rely on going by the manual...
  8. tom nolan

    Engine installation

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get a 05 engine into it's frame. I've followed the manual but it does not seem to want to coperate. There seems to be all these little brackets welded to the frame that want to get in the way. Any help or suggeations would be greatly appriciated.
  9. tom nolan

    Idle problem

    thanks, I'll give that a try
  10. tom nolan

    Idle problem

    I'm Tom and I have a problem with the idle on my rather vintage 98 YZ 400. Sometimes it idles too fast (so I reset it) and sometimes it wants to die (so I reset it) After re-adjusting the idle it will be OK until I give it a hard ride and than I'm back to adjusting the idle again and again. Any thoughts on fixes for such a problem. NOTE: I replaced a cracked vacuum release plate a few years ago on the slider. That caused a really high idle all the time. Thanks in advance, Tom Nolan
  11. tom nolan

    High Idle.

    Have the shop check the plate that goes in the throttle slide. It requires removal of the throttle plate. I think they call it the vacuum release plate. I have a 98 that had the plate crack and leak air causing the high idle like yours..
  12. tom nolan

    broken throttle valve insert

    I had the same thing happen to me on my 98'. I went through hell before I found out that my carborator was a street version of the kelin fcr. If you order the part through the distrubuter, make sure it's not the MX version or you'll get the worong part. I paid $140.00
  13. tom nolan

    my bike ate the carb slide

    That same thing happened to me as far as that plate cracking. It's called a vacuum release plate. The early YZ and WR had modified street carbs. If the engine runs good after you replace the plate, than I wouldn't think that anything else was damaged. It is made from magnesium by the way.
  14. tom nolan

    carb issues

    Is that the adjustable jet your talking about?
  15. tom nolan

    carb issues

    Hi All, I a newbe over from the YZ side of the forum. I'm working on a 2005 WR450 that seems to be running without a idle circut. It starts allright with the choke on but it seems to rev too high as it warms up(with the choke on). When I put the choke in than it won't stay idling without massaging the choke lever. This seems to go away after the bike warms up really good. I pulled all the jets out and cleaned them and I also took the plug out that prevents one from adjusting the idle fuel jet. I set that to 2 1/3 out from bottom. One thing I did notice is that the throttle slide seems to be opened quite a bit from what I'm used to seeing, like maybe it's getting fuel to maintain a idle from somewhere other that the idle circut. Any ideas???