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  1. Rick Blunden

    DR650 real-life milage Data (please help)

    JP - Thank you. I think the DR is a wonderful, simple platform for different types of riding. Easy to set up for whatever you like to do. And it is easy to keep it clean if you stay on pavement :-). Rick
  2. Rick Blunden

    DR650 real-life milage Data (please help)

    I am one of the slow, old guys with minimal farkles on my DR. I don't feel the need for more power nor do I do wheelies when I ride. I am a conservatively aggressive rider who usually rides 10 mph indicated over the 55 mph speed limit on back roads, and I concentrate on being smooth. 2003 DR is lowered following service manual procedure, has stock gearing, airbox, muffler and Trailwings, 3K+/- miles, pilot screw backed out 2-3/4 turns, .030" shim under mainjet needle, no lean surges, and it consistently averages 57-62 mpg with my 155+ pound butt on the OEM saddle at sea level to 3K' elevation in Northern CA. If I were commuting in an urban area instead of riding rural backroads, I would expect lower mpg. Rick
  3. Rick Blunden

    Carburator + Idiot = Need Help

    Scott - See the hose, cable, and wiring routing diagram in the service manual at: http://www.deakin.edu.au/individuals-sites/?request=~mic_adm/DR650.pdf Rick
  4. Rick Blunden

    How can I tell if my bike has been lowered?

    Who - Standard fork length = 38.25"+. Shortened length = 36-13/16" from bottom of the fork to top of the fork cap. Rick
  5. Rick Blunden

    Happy Birthday ProCycle

    Jeff - Ditto. Hope to swing by and meet you next time I am in Orygun. Rick
  6. Rick Blunden

    Rebuilt my forks... Wow! But did a DUH!

    Knot - > I installed the springs upside down, will that make any real difference? Absolutely not. You done good. Good info on fork oil, too. Thanks. Rick
  7. Rick Blunden

    Speedometer Noises?

    Slannon - Maybe I misunderstand. I'm talking about the speedo drive unit on the front axle. If you're talking about the speedo housing near the handlebar, I can't help. Good luck. Rick
  8. Rick Blunden

    Speedometer Noises?

    Slannon - Remove the speedo unit, and rotate the plate inside the housing. If the unit feels stiff and rough, chances are it can be disassembled, cleaned, lubed, and working fine again. I've done this on other similar Suzuki speedo units but not on the DR yet. Good time to clean and lube the cable, too. Good luck. Rick
  9. Rick Blunden

    2002 dr 650 stock suspension

    Hi Sam - Welcome and congratulations. See: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8841670&postcount=91 for info on the damper rod tool. See: http://www.deakin.edu.au/individuals-sites/?request=~mic_adm/DR650.pdf for service manual. Rick
  10. Rick Blunden

    06 DR650 will not idle and missing

    Simm - Pilot jet is about .012" in diameter. If you can't see through the hole, it is plugged and will cause problems you described. Remove the pilot jet, poke a copper wire strand from a common lamp cord through it, and your bike should run fine again. Rick
  11. Rick Blunden

    Fly screen, low bars, low fender for the street.

    Bob - > opinions are like @$$holes What you did to your DR worked for you. What is more important than that? Interesting to me that a hardley guy like BlackFinger would comment on modifications that worked for you. Maybe some people just don't get it. Rick
  12. Rick Blunden

    i have a situation....

    Sniper - $5500 OTD is a deal most dealers would match. And as long as you are living at home, do your best to play by your father's rules. Rick
  13. Rick Blunden

    Dr650 Faq

    See: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=415263&page=7 Rick
  14. Rick Blunden

    Alaska Ride Report

    Sarah - Thank you. I've been looking forward to it. Really nice job with photos and write-up. You da girl. Way to go. Rick
  15. Rick Blunden

    whats wit those low front fenders

    Dog - If a low front fender on a TX DR looks gay to you, you should probably explain that to your therapist. Your comment has absolutely no value to me even though I am not gay. Rick