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  1. moto-m

    Random O-rings help

    So I just realized they are not hard rubber, but metal. All day I was like &%$#@! are these? Then it just hit me, they are eyes from an old fishing pole mounted right above one of my bikes! Total fail. Don't make me feel stupidier than I already do. At least I'm not worried about my bike anymore.
  2. moto-m

    Random O-rings help

    Sorry my bike is a 2009 YZ450F. That is the one I ride and changed the oil on last night. The 250 has sat for awhile.
  3. Just got back from riding. I was cleaning up a bit and found 2 random O-rings on my garage floor. They are the special hard rubber square type ones that you see on these bikes so I am pretty sure they came from a bike (I also have a 2005 YZ250F so it's possible they came from that as well). I had changed my oil last night so first thought was that they came from the oil filter housing so I took it off again but all 3 (same size) o-rings were there. The ones I found are 2 different sizes, one larger and one smaller than the 3 in the oil filter housing. I couldn't get the camera to focus well but that is a dime they are next to. I have no idea where these o-rings came from and I can't stop worrying about it until I solve the mystery! Neither motor has ever been apart in this garage. I have cleaned carbs out before but I don't think they are from there. Anyone know where these would go? http://www.freeimagehosting.net/4fm67
  4. I have been going to Mesa every weekend and it just keeps getting better and better. These people are super friendly and doing a great job. Great track and facility. Love it and much closer to me than Bithlo or Thundercross.
  5. moto-m

    Mesa Park MX

    I heard that they were going to be open this weekend as well. I was thinking about going saturday the 19th. Can anyone confirm this? A friend of mine went this past weekend and said it was really good. I would love to see it reopen as it would be the closest public track to my house but they really need to get some kind of website or hotline with track hours/information.
  6. moto-m

    Mesa park MX Fellsmere, FL riding this weekend

    My buddy rode there today and said it was insane. Anybody know if it is regularly open yet? I was planning on going next weekend.
  7. My brothers 2005 yz250f has been leaking oil out of one of the front fork seals. It has been ridden several times while doing this and each time after the bike sits there is a good amount of oil on the rim and tire below the fork. I know the seals need to be done, but my question is if it is likely that any damage has been done and will there be damage if he continues to ride it? Can the fork completely lose all of the oil? Thanks.
  8. Don't really want to go with the no toil system, just personal preference.
  9. Anybody know if the twin air power flow filters will work with the stock filter cage? If so, don't really see the point of buying the twin air cage, rather than just using the stock cage and cutting off the backfire screen. Thanks. 2005 YZ250F
  10. Gonna go with a 290 big bore kit. I have heard that you need cams and exhaust to really get the most out of the kit. I am running a Jardine pipe now and am wondering what cams I should use? I have heard to go with stage 2 hot cams to get more top end. Anyone have experience with this? Wondering if I should just try the big bore with stock cams first?
  11. I am cleaning my carb for the first time and was just wondering if there is any reason to take apart the throttle shaft assembly? I've taken everything else apart to clean and blow out, but I don't see a reason to go any further. Thanks for the help.
  12. I was just out warming my bike up because it's been sitting for a while and it seemed to run perfect except at low speeds and idle. It would not idle without the choke on. Before I diagnosed it as a carb that needs cleaning, I was adjusting the pilot screw and idle trying to see if that would correct the problem. While doing this the bike started overheating and blowing coolant out the overflow. I shut it off immediately after I noticed it and would say that it only overheated for 2-3 minutes. The radiator is still almost full so it didn't overflow much coolant. Should I be concerned with any damage? Thanks.
  13. moto-m

    2003-2005 fuel tank part numbers?

    I think it does fit, I was just wondering if anyone knows what the difference in the part # is for? Thanks.
  14. I am thinking about buying a used gas tank for my 2005 YZ250F, but I am concerned because it is from an '04 450F and the part number is slightly different (5XD-24110-01-00 vs 5XD-24110-00-00). I thought these tanks were the same for '03-'05 250Fs and 450Fs. Anybody know the difference? Thanks.
  15. moto-m

    Silencer or full system?

    I was afraid I would hear that. It's hard for me to pull the trigger since I know that you get what you pay for, but I have yet to hear anything bad about the Jardine pipes. This may be a case of a good product that just couldn't find a place in a tough market.