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  1. I felt the opposite I rode my friend crf and it seemed powerless but then again it could have had low compression it was beat on pretty hard.
  2. heres mine i dont know how you guys keep all yours so clean
  3. those are some amazing shots looks like you were almost on the track while you took them
  4. thats freaking nuts man. im ready to see him the the SX class
  5. i have a XT200 its a prety nice little bike
  6. my friend has a cr 125 and honstly its piece of crap. go with a yz or ktm
  7. lol saw that commin
  8. devision 1 any good?
  9. lol skills or luck?
  10. sorry for the crummy pics its kinda tight in my garage.
  11. Mansassa: 1:13:22
  12. ty ty i liked them too best part is they were only 85 bucks from dennis kirk. my method... i put soapy water on them the took a blow dryer and dryed them on after everything was lined up.
  13. prety sure i would have made a mess in my pants