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  1. I mounted a fan behid the radiator guard & saved alot of $$$ over the KTM installation (cost about $ 30 total), works great too. No more back woods geyser! I'm determined to make the plastic "Y" live forever. Here are some links for cooling parts & info. I did a google search on 12V waterproof fans & found many. My first choice was the Spal 4" fan, but they're out of stock & have none on order. I found the thermostat for $6.50 @ Allied Electronics web site. I used one that closes @ 210F (similar to automotive fan-on temperature). Regarding the Thumper Talk string - I didn't mount the thermostat on the bottom of the radiator; it's the incoming coolant (engine) temperature that matters. I RTV'd the t'stat to the top tank wired it to the ground side of the fan so if it comes loose, it won't burn a hole in the radiator. I ran an inline 2A fuse & have the fan powered continuously. http://www.mouser.com/search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=AQ0912HB-A70GL-LFvirtualkey66400000virtualkey664-AQ0912HBA70GL-LF http://www.selcoproducts.com/cfm/ProductDetails.cfm?Action=Close&SubCat=1/2_Disc_Close_on_Rise&TN=DiscThermostat http://www.spal-usa.com/ http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=268724&highlight=fan+ktm Good luck,
  2. My Husky hauler gets up to 40 MPG & can haul a half ton... '98 Civic w/ a Fred Meyer utility trailer
  3. Heck, I'd be happy if the results were emailed. Doesn't get much cheaper or easier than that...
  4. Dunlop 756, 12 psi rear, 14 psi front. No flats or rim dents. Next time 16 psi front.
  5. Another question on the topic... How early should one arrive to register?
  6. Here's my fat, slow arse setting up for some itty-bitty air! http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventorder?photo=0HAT002H030061&start=0&album=0&adjust=-1
  7. What's up with the high C.G. thing? It looks like a joy to toss around.
  8. I've got Flatland guards on my '06 TE510. I've been stopped dead in my tracks by direct hit to a radiator by a big branch/root. No visible damage.
  9. 92 works fine. I've heard that higher octane makes it run worse (ignition mapping issue I suspect). Not sure about the clutch fluid.
  10. You might want to consider a Husqy; 50 state street legal right out of the box. Other than the plate & lights, there's no street bike about it. I've got an '06 TE510 & have been very happy with it.
  11. Yes & yes. http://www.nmaoffroad.org/eventcalendarup.shtml is a good source of info.
  12. I can't speak to the taller gearing or rack questions, but the sprocket is held on with a retaining ring.
  13. You're dreaming. It'll only reset to zero. Not only that, but it takes about 15 button pushes, three three second pauses and three two second pauses (all while the bike is running). I've recalculated a couple of roll charts w/ zero resets & won't do it again. It's a big pain in the a$$, almost impossible to read while you'r moving, & game over if you miss a reset or something.
  14. My '06 TE510 used to overheat occasionally (85 deg F & 18 mph avg speed). I have Flatland radiator guards installed. I am very easy on the clutch & never abuse it. It's overheated recently @ 95 deg F ambient, tight trails (mostly 1st gear) with a 1.6 bar radiator cap & engine ice. This thing needs a fan for sure!