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  1. hondosurfer

    RSV to Puerto Santo Thomas

    I did this ride in 2007 and had a blast. I was just following the leader in the middle of the pack at the time. Now 4 of us want to do the same route. It goes thru Ojos Negros and over Mt Hanson .... I think... Then to Santo Thomas....then out to the Point. My question is this: What is the condition of that route? I remember passing thru some ranches. Are they still good to ride thru? Any input is appreciated. We are leaving early from RSV this Saturday 12/14. One night in Puerto Santo Thomas then reverse the next day. Cheers! Mark
  2. hondosurfer

    Guided Trips

    Yes- same trip. We are over-due for a ride report. We will put one up soon.
  3. hondosurfer

    Guided Trips

    2nd- The name. Man why was that guy so offended....He must ride a Quad. Lighten up! Relax! Go for a ride (even if it’s on a quad) Anyway....my friends call me dickie or dick. Years ago when I tried to get a hotmail account I tried every way to use dick or dickie, finally after many attempts I tried dickmonster and it worked. Boring story yes! Is it like cookie monster? no (he likes cookies, I however do not like dick). Yes I should have gotten a name like boxmonster but I didn’t........ You should have switched your name around.>> monsterdick >>> Not like I would know if the name fits or anything.... that name might also give someone the wrong impression.... you could be a cool guy> ok-- scratch that-- keep dickmonster. Have a good trip!!! Just got back from a ride from Cabo to Tecate- 1506 miles. It was a blast. Cheers!!! Mark
  4. hondosurfer

    Mex Insurance for non Steet legal bike

    Hey-- I know everyone is talking about the 1000 but my bike has got to be loaded in 2 days. I need insurance so they don't get hassled at the border. The chase crew is driving all our bike across in one truck/trailer. I need to get this wraped up in 2 days. I thought it would be easy but it is not turning out that way. Any input is appreciated. Thanks! Mark I am not racing but we are riding the reverse Baja 1000++.
  5. hondosurfer

    Mex Insurance for non Steet legal bike

    Does anyone know a good place to get bike insurance for my Baja run? I have a non street legal 2004 YZF 250. Btw: We are riding from Cabo to Tecate. 8 days aprox 1500 miles. Cheers!! Mark
  6. hondosurfer

    Anybody have a new Tundra?

    I just got my 07 Tundra DoubleCab-4x4, Sr5, Blue streak about 3 weeks. The truck is great-- stoked on the purchase!! It was $29,500 with the 3k rebate. I wanted something that could haul a 21ft. toy hauler well and tow my boat. This will do it with ease. I got the double cab because the bed is 6.5 ft which is good for two bikes and gear, etc... the Crew max has only a 5ft bed>> The room in the back seat is plenty for 3 people-- i am not going to be sitting back there. My friends that have the older Tundra have no complaints- actually the rave about them. Figured I can't go wrong wrong with the new one---the truck is sick!!!
  7. hondosurfer

    Lighthouse surf/riding Run

    Hey-- I pm'd you- check it. Surfing and riding-- what a great combo. My idea was to drive down to Richard's place in Quatros Casas. Post up there at his hostel-- all our gear and vehicles will be safe-i think. If the surf is good we can get some waves in the morning. Have some chorozio-- then ride...>> We could roll up to Mike's for the night or just do day trips. San Feplipe could be in the mix...> It depends on the swell and what people want to do. Quatras is a south swell break and I think it needs a good sized swell. We can watch surfline and try to time it or just go and only ride if it is flat.... Either way is good by me. Anyone else down? Mark
  8. hondosurfer

    snowy baja?...weekend ride report

    Yeah yeah>>> you're just jealeaous of my purple pants:p ... and they are made with Goretex to keep the snow and rain out!! I was glad I had a couple pair of thermals underneath on this ride and the ski gloves were priceless. The 250f ran like a champ. It was a good thing i brought the Nite Rider helmet light as I needed on the night ride down to San Viciente. It is amazing that Yahama did not put out a big notice about the compression plug. When I bought the aftermarket one last year the guy told me I was the 4th person that day needing one.. !! Thanks again to Jeff and Mario for putting the trip together. Can't wait for the next one!! Mark
  9. hondosurfer

    Helmet light

    Where is a good place to buy a light for my helmet--online or in san diego-socal? I need this incase I have to do some unplanned night riding on Baja this weekend. Thanks! Mark
  10. I keep hearing and reading different things. Can I ride at Kennedy Meadows with a red sticker? My friends say no but this site says its Ok year round. Re: Red & Green sticker rules, ride areas & other cool stuff http://www.ohv.parks.ca.gov/ Please help- I supposed to leave on Friday>>>>
  11. hondosurfer

    Thanks to Mike Kay and Baja Rudy, ride recap

    What is the best way to link photos and video so everyone can take a look? I am using snapfish now but don't think I can just post a link-- the viewer has to be 'invited'. I would like to see the other pics people as my camera overheated on the second day. I have no pics of the kids cruising around on the bikes- can't wait to see those... Thanks, Mark
  12. hondosurfer

    Thanks to Mike Kay and Baja Rudy, ride recap

    Hey Rick-- I am gonna send you the invite to my Snapfish pics and video. Anyone else can check them out- just email your email address and I will send it out. cashoutrefi@gmail.com Dave- can you send me your Kodak share info? thanks. Mark
  13. hondosurfer

    Post race Baja 500 riding

    Another GREAT time is the Paseo De Inviernes (by Tamayos) ride coming in July. The 16th I think (Sunday). How do I find out more info about this ride? Thanks, Mark
  14. hondosurfer

    June Baja Ride V2.1

    Wow>> what a amazing weekend! Mike-- thanks for putting on a great trip> It was great to meet you and everyone else on the trip. I look forward to going on the next one. Taking the kids riding at the orphanage was unforgettable. Great cause and good times!! How about Roger romping around on the yz250f>>>> I hope i can ride when I am that old.... Josh- bummer on the spill- i know you were pumped for that ride. Glad to hear you are "ok". HTTP://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i311/hondosurfer/mark-baja-ensenada-sanfelipe-6-16-0.jpg Andrew- thanks for leading me out to San Felipe when it got dark> i guess i should get a proper enduro bike with a light or at least slap on a Baja designs kit. Everyone-- Please send me your email address so we can exchange pics/video. cashoutrefi@gmail.com i can use photobucket or snapfish.com-- whatever works... Note to self: don't party till 4 in the morning the night before a 190 mile/ 100f+ degree ride. Note to self-- ride fast but dont hit a wash wide open in 5th>>> This was my second ride in Baja of many-- i hope->> See ya on the next one. Mark
  15. hondosurfer

    June Baja Ride V2.1

    Yo-- we are pumped up for this weekend. It's me and I rallied 4 bros to come along. Ernie and Mario speak fluent Spanish so no worries on translations / comunication.... See ya there - with Tecate in hand>>>> Mark