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  1. It's all about the Service dept. You have to have techs that can fix what people don't want or can't.
  2. tenis24

    Dirt, Road and Track

    You don't have to get very serious to need two different bikes. Suspension and gearing will do you in, specially riding offroad with other people. Unless you ride in real open areas, I would get a 250 to ride offroad.
  3. tenis24

    crf250r sell or keep

    I would keep it if it is small things. Another bike is bound to have small things that it needs also. There's always the unknown about a different bike.
  4. tenis24

    Winter Workouts

    About 60 here today. Strange wet stuff falling from the sky. Very few weeks here we can't ride, if you really want to.
  5. A gas powered RC car can put out a ton of power per weight.
  6. tenis24

    Hidden Falls

    It comes out next to a small pond just down the ranch road from camp B. Where it comes out it will someday cross the ATV trail and continue on. The next part is only about half cut, but is marked and we did make it all the way through. The entrance is hard to find because the trail is not done yet. Where it comes out next to the dry pond is ATV trail "Valley Spur" the next section is now open and friendly. It comes out a mile or so N. on the "Valley Spur" ATV trail again. You then go right, cause the ATV trail is one way.
  7. tenis24

    Would you run this tire? (pic)

    My tire looks worse than that right now, but I have a new one ready.
  8. tenis24

    How dirty is this air filter?

    Yes, I clean mine every ride.
  9. tenis24

    trail track

    If you don't have to have jumps just ride, it will work out. If you want jumps bad enough, just use a shovel and work on it. If I want something done bad enough, I can get into some serious hard labor, even at my age.
  10. tenis24

    Seating suggestions for St. Louis

    Used to make that round every year. My first choice with no concern for price would be 1st row in the club seats on a side. Best value would be not too high up on a side. Clicking on that chart I can't believe as many as they say is sold out. Maybe so.
  11. tenis24

    Where to store for winter

    Don't you sleep on your bike? One thing hard on bikes sitting is the suspension seals. Not a bad idea to once a week or so to bounce it up and down a bit.
  12. I would not waste my time setting up that 500 for the woods in the east. Way more power than needed. Unless your a really big guy. Get a 200 or 2502t or a 250F. All you need to go fast. I know many people riding 450 in the woods with too much power.
  13. tenis24

    Chain Stretch?

    When facing your rear sprocket from the side. Take a hold of the chain at the three o'clock side of the sprocket. How far can you pull the chain away from the sprocket? If you can pull it away very far at all. Your set is worn out.
  14. tenis24

    KTM inner chamber

  15. tenis24

    KTM inner chamber

    On like a 2011 ktm 150 closed chamber forks. Do you just fill the inner chamber with what oil you can after it's bled? And is 22 psi about right in the bladder? Thanks.