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  1. BT250F

    new here. pics of my bike

    Way fast, the bike looks real good, I like the black rims.
  2. BT250F

    Tricked out yzf's??

    Really like the black rims/sprocket, looks nice and clean. The white bros and other accessories will not only look good, but improve on the overall performance. Who are you thinking about doing your suspension? I would recommend Enzo 110%. I had mine done and also added the subtanks. Well worth the dough.
  3. BT250F

    aftermarket suspension / comfortable

    I agree, taller rise on the handlebars, I had Enzo do my suspension and would recommend them to everyone!! I also highly recommend the Enzo subtank system, takes out any hard hits to the front end. As for power, maybe just pipe it, that gives a little better throttle response. depending on which pipe mfg you go with of course.
  4. BT250F

    03 yamaha yz250f good or bad?

    I agree, pick it up and ride the wheels off!! Nothing really to know regarding anything bad for that year. Just make sure you maintain it on a regular interval. I change my oil every other ride, I use Motul 5100 oil and clean your air filter often.
  5. BT250F

    Check out my new graphics

    I like the decals very much
  6. mxcanada, I have a 04 250f and I have the Pro-Circuit Titanium GP system on my bike, I feel the performance was well worth the cost ( which is very high by the way). I have the longer head pipe on my bike for a little extra hit. I would recommend this system if it's in your budget. But, keep in mind this system is very loud so if noise is an issue, you may not want to look at it.
  7. BT250F

    2003 WR250F pics

    Looks real nice
  8. BT250F

    post pics of your 2006 YZ250F

    That is a wicked looking bike, I like it
  9. BT250F

    Lets see them 250f's!

    That bike looks REAL GOOD
  10. BT250F

    Tested out the ASV's today

    Nice... way to start the season!! ASV's faired ok I assume?? You guys getting some decent riding weather? We start our spring racing season next saturday, finally!!
  11. BT250F

    YZF Oil

    I am kinda partial to Motul 5100, kinda expensive and I change after 3 rides, but I feel worth it in the long run. Oli is cheap compared to 4 stroke motor jobs.........
  12. looks real good, I have the same suspension tricks done. I really like the Enzo subtanks!! I would highly recommend them to anyone
  13. BT250F

    drilling brake and clutch levers

    Go with the C-5's if possible, they are the best one's ASV make. I have had no problems with mine. I do however have a question for anyone out there, what are you guys using for a dust cover on your brake handle?? My C-5 on the brake side is open , my stock dust cover doesn't work all that well.
  14. BT250F

    What's with Yamaha people?

    Guys, guys, guys..... come on, it's not that bad over at the Yamaha camp.... I'm a firm believer that if you take care of your bike, Honda or Yamaha, whatever it should last.... however, if you lug around on your 450, say goodbye to your valves. That NEVER happens on a Yamaha... Edit: Yes it does. It just doesnt happen as often or get talked about as much.