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  1. coggear

    Crotchrockets on ice

    I wish our lakes would freeze that hard.
  2. coggear

    Fox F3 Boots Video

    I bought a pair of 2008 F3 boots and I feel they are a excellent boot. I had a pair of tech 8's and a pair of tech 10's. I no long wear my Alpinestar boot's. The F3's are by far a better boot the the Forma Pro's every could have been. My A-stars had all kinds of problems with the buckles falling apart and soles wearing out. I have had no prolbems with my F3's at all. I have not wore the 2007 version of the F3's that can be bought for $200 so I have no feedback on the 07 F3 boots. There where many changes from the 2007 to 2008 version's of the F3. As far as the 08 F3 boot goes it has great grip and feel on the bike. Excellent support on big G-outs and when you case a jump. The buckles do not break or come lose when riding and the soles do not wear throught like alot of other boots out there. As far as the Sidi flex force boots go I have worn and didn't like the feel of the flex force boot. But there are alot of the Alpinestar and Sidi boots out there. My advise is find what you feel the most comfortable in and go with that.
  3. coggear

    My birthday present

    I have a V3 they excellent helmets. You will love it.
  4. I love this picture. All these pictures are great but this one just made me stop and go WOW this is a great picture. Can I order a poster size picture of this or get you to e-mail me a copy. Thanks http://hoppenworld.com/photogallery/2006/06Preview/pages/13_S_06_08_0086_jpg.htm
  5. coggear

    One Handed Hole Shot By Rc

    He is the G.O.A.T. that is all that needs to be said.
  6. coggear

    did RC leave berik????

    yes, he is but in Fox F3 boots.
  7. coggear

    THE (the) sickest Honda I've seen...

    That is a awesome bike I love the colors, and I really do not like the color blue.
  8. coggear

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    Hey, you need to do your research about talking trash on TP that guy (Ben)that hits the bobcat is freind of mine and just so you know that crash, all be it painful, was one of the best things that ever happened to him.
  9. coggear

    What is your favorate MX photo?

    Now this is a badass picture.
  10. coggear

    Oops! Must see pic

    That makes the fourth KTM that I have seen do that Nitro Circus and Rynos crash would make six. I hope you are alright that looks one hard hit even the pipe is smashed flat.
  11. Yeah I think I've had to run my tire pressure that low before too.
  12. coggear

    tight motocross video

    I have seen a 1000 times and I will watch a 1000 more and it is still one of the better videos out there. Thanks for posting one more time.
  13. Man read the classes it is like reading a who's who in motocross
  14. coggear

    If RC Hit The Boat In Supercross

    Now this is a very good point!
  15. coggear

    My truck and bike

    A true motocrosser the bike is worth more than the truck it is in.