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  1. FlyNW

    Map switch. Does it do anything?

    I've used a map switch on my 530 XC-W for a while now. Not a dramatic change, but I think it really helps when in slippery low traction conditions. I also notice I'm having to ride really hard to maintain pace with the bunch of monkeys I ride with if I accidently have it in soft mode. Once I get back in hard mode I keep up. Nate
  2. FlyNW

    300 Vs. 530

    Hey everyone... just throwing my 2 cents in. I have a 06 200 2 smoke and a 09 530 XCW plated. I also ride with a buddy that has an 09 300. I've had a 400 EXC as well as other bikes. The 200 is great fun especially in tight woods. It has a slight advantage over a 300 in really tight gnarly single track because it not too much power and it is small and light. If the trail opens slightly, the 300 will smoke the 200. The 530 can't keep either 2 smoke in sight in tight woods. If the trail turns into a wider trail, a 2 track jeep rode, or has more open trail up hills, the 530 will leave the 200 like it's standing still. The 300 can run with the 530 on more open terrain. The 300 will gain in the corners, but 530 can reel the 300 back in if the straights are long enough. Someone metioned that the 450 revs quicker than the 530 and there's been a lot of discussion about power. I've ridden a lot of miles on all of these bikes and find that all but the 200 have more juice than I can handle if I start using that lever on the left grip. My only advice is to get yourself a ride and get out roosstin as soon as possible. Ain't dirt bikes great? Woohoo! Nate
  3. Nice video. It doesn't matter how fast you are.. There's always someone that's faster. Keep turning the laps and the speed will come. Sounds like your bike runs well too. Thanks again and post another vid soon. Nate
  4. FlyNW

    Florida, Woods Helmet cam (Contour HD)

    Great video. You're going through Croom faster than I usually do. The camera makes the trail look smoother than it is. I'd like to see you get a video of the trail that starts in the southwest corner and goes north along te western boundary. The one just inside the trees with the excellent berms, not the major whooped highway along the fence. Maybe have a buddy out front so you can see how he busts the turns. Thanks again. Makes me want to fire up the 2 smoke.
  5. Yee Haa! Man that's enough to get me to swap out a clean filter and lube the chain. Thanks. Keep em coming.
  6. FlyNW

    09 530 XC W hard to kick

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I meant to say that it was hard to kick over. The bike starts fine on the e since I got the jetting set up. I'll check compression to see how high it is. I'll report what I find.
  7. Hi, I searched this sub-forum, but did not find a specific thread on this. I have an 09 530 XCW and find that it is very hard to kick the motor over. My 05 400 EXC kicked over like butter. I'm not sure I'll be able to kick start this bike if I have to. Does anyone know if this is normal? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. FlyNW


    I put an Enduro Engineering light kit on my 09 530 XC-W. It came with a hydralic brake light switch for the rear master cylinder. Everything was plug and play. perfect fit. This bike is a monster!
  9. FlyNW

    white plastics for ktm 250

    Yes, I meant your bike Raven -9. It looks really good with the white plastic. Bummer about the cap leak. Maybe IMS would replace it to make it right with you. I see stephenM@imsproducts is the e-mail address for their International Sales and Warehouse Manager. Hopefully he could help you out. Good luck.
  10. FlyNW

    white plastics for ktm 250

    Wow! I never thought the KTM would look so good in white. Great looking bike. What tank is that? And did you have trouble fitting it?
  11. I have some guards on my 05 EXC400 that mount behind the radiator and you don't have to remove the hoses to put them on. They wrap around the sides and have two support rails that crosses the back like an "X". These rails have holes formed in them that are embossed to add extra rigidity. I like them but can't remeber who I bought them from or who the manufacturer is. Does anyone have an idea where I could get some similar ones for my 2006 XC-W200? Thanks for any help.
  12. FlyNW

    Rear sprocket suggestion and chain ?

    I'm using 14/49 with a stainless steel rear on my E model. Great low end for woods riding. Pretty rung out at 60 mph but I don't ride on the street much. The stainless steel is a little heavier than aluminum but the longevity is fantastic. You want to saty with the 520 chain based upon standard fit and general power output for the bike size.
  13. FlyNW

    Handlebars + Show Pics

    Hi 10guy, the bars look very cool. I am thinking about changing to fat bars on my DRZ400E. Are those Cycra handguards? Did they fit well? And most improtantly, why are you switching to the Flexxbar? Thanks for your help.
  14. FlyNW

    Texas Jetting 400exc

    Definitely JD jetting and the Honda diaphragm. I ride in Florida at sea level/hot and after following JD suggestions, the bike rips with better fuel mileage. Seems a litlle quieter also. Call JD if you have issues. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. Have fun!
  15. FlyNW

    drz 400 2000

    Hi, I have a 2000 400E model which I have dual sported. It is a fantastic trail bike. With proper jetting, a power now, a little change in gearing and some suspension tweaks the bike is a real pleasure to ride. All day comfortable. I wouldn't recommend racing it though. It is too heavy and the frame is a limiting factor. Enjoy!