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  1. Here's one for a test. http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e27/2fiftyjeff/?action=view&current=001_24A.jpg
  2. 2fittyjeff

    Made in China?

    Red Wing Shoes and Boots, still made in USA
  3. 2fittyjeff

    The DNR at Denton Loop Sept 2

    The Quads were definitly out last Sunday, but eveyone we encountered was paying attention. I was really suprised for a holiday, I figured it would be bad.
  4. 2fittyjeff

    The DNR at Denton Loop Sept 2

    My son and I where riding the denton loop trails on Sunday and when we returned to the parking area for some lunch, I saw a DNR truck parked behind my trailer. Turns out he was writing the guys next to us, tickets for riding in unauthorized area. I guess they misunderstood some signals from the DNR officer and almost got written for attempting to flee. The guy turned out to be a nice guy, he hooked us up with larger scale maps of the trails and explained details about parking in other un-marked areas near the trail. I had no idea you can pull off the road and park near the trail, as long as your not impeding traffic. Also I was shocked at how few people, we saw on the trails for a holiday.
  5. 2fittyjeff

    Coditions At Denton Loop For Aug 25-26

    When you say the west loop, does that mean you head off west from the Parking area shown on DNR map ? or do park and start at a different location?
  6. 2fittyjeff

    Coditions At Denton Loop For Aug 25-26

    Anyone Been on the Denton Loop recently?? Last time we rode there, it was super dry and the sandy areas were wearing us out.
  7. 2fittyjeff

    WORST Day of My LIFE!!!!!

    A total rebuild will be alot less, than what you'll spend buying and maintaining a stroker. Nobody said riding and racing dirt bikes was cheap.
  8. 2fittyjeff

    2-stroke guys: Pre-Mix and Ratio?

    Wow 50 to 1 , I am not that brave, the leanest I go is 36 to 1, I know pretty weak.
  9. Weld a bi-pod to the handle bars and get an m-60 machine gun, fabricate a custom bracket to it to attach to the bi-pod. then you can steer your bike and fire your machine gun at the same time. how awsome is that!!
  10. 2fittyjeff

    Michigan peeps.

    Where is this Ogemaw track located ? Ive never heard of it before
  11. 2fittyjeff

    best longest trail in lower MI

    Is there a website that might show directions to some of the trails listed, such as the Evart/Cadillac trail you mentioned????
  12. 2fittyjeff

    Who's going back to the 2 stroke?

    I rode a 06 KXF250 for one year, then went back to a YZ250 and I have mixed feelings about the whole deal, The KXF really was a great bike, but the maintenence required seemed like more time than I was wanting to invest, I really liked the suspension on that bike, it seemed as if it didn't matter how badly, I landed a jump, it always soaked it up. I did ride a crf450's before I bought the 250f but it felt too heavy for my sorry skills. The Yz250 is just pure fun, so I still think I made the right choice, for me.
  13. 2fittyjeff

    engine vs. motor ?

    The word "Motor" just rolls off the tongue and combines better with so many vehichle names, "enginecycle " not so good.
  14. Many people became used to the Phrase "Never Raced" because back in the days when 2-strokes ruled, racers would run the fuel + oil mixture lean on oil too get a bit more power, thus causing extra wear on under lubricated motor parts. The experienced cycle buyer can tell if a bike has been maintained or not very quickly.
  15. 2fittyjeff

    Hanging It Up

    I have been going thru a lull in my motivation to go riding, more because I had a bad experience with my health insurance provider, that had me worried that if I did end up breaking something, I would go broke for sure. Last year my daughter broke her arm on the neighbors trampoline (compound fracture) and at the end of all the surgeries and hospital visits I ended up owing thousands of dollars. I guess more than anything it's been my son's lack of asking to go, that has been keeping me away from the track.