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  1. Lil John

    Q-Link XF200

    Awesome, she looks great! Not in CA by chance? Anyway, share the pipe and jetting air/box stuff (and any other issues if you have the time...) awesome
  2. Lil John

    96-2010 DR650SE Fuel Injection Project....

    Just fricking beautiful, MXROB!!! Way to go!!!
  3. Lil John

    DR650 socal

    Yep, 2005 DR650se...moderately farkled..what's up?
  4. Lil John

    Tail Bag Solutions???

    Found this great review of the oxford tail bag ...thanks mxrob! http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-luggage/motorcycle-tail-bag.htm
  5. Lil John

    Tail Bag Solutions???

    thanks guys, great pics...will research those, love the givi, but I try to ride dirt miles (about 4500 thus far on my 05 bought new)...I am just now kinda riding on the street, mostly after I truck my bike to the desert or off the 395 (Bishop, Mammoth, etc...) I used to use a soft sided plastic bottomed Stanley tool box, but it was so high I have actually dropped the bike trying to mount and dismount, doing a awkward unnamed ballet move to get my leg off and on the bike...I'm tall at 6'3", but still prevents me from a Givi (which I always wanted a added brake light for)...thanks for the info... John
  6. Lil John

    Ready for exhaust need some guidance.

    unobtanium:worthy: I know, faced with same thing, watching some gsxr 600 pipes dented and scratched on ebay, faced with a 200 dollar jesse kit...fmfq2 or q4?
  7. Lil John

    Tail Bag Solutions???

    Hi there, I was hoping to see some pics of tail bag/saddle bag solutions from all the innovative DR650 crowds... Maybe you all are faced with the same dilemma...I don't like to ride with a backpack (done it, but restrictive and necessary for water when my bags in the back carry gas in msr white fuel containers) I have soft-sided wolfman saddle bags that are great, but ride with them half full to take off my jacket and place it in there, carry gatoraid, goggles etc... I have a set up for when I ultralight tent camp off the bike by adding a nice rubberized-fabric fishing bag with heavy duty zippers etc. I bought for 6 bucks(! a little cheaper than the alpha wolfman bag)...but what do the rest of you guys do for everyday riding street, day ride dirt, or ultralight tent camping off the bike...thanks in advance for advice for tail bags or pics!!! Lil John
  8. Lil John

    Gas mileage

    05 DR650, stock buick pipe (thanks mxrob for the term), drilled slide, one washer on needle added, jesse fuel screw 1.75 turns out, 15tooth stock sprocket, all else stock, I weigh 270 and get around 48 best, mid low 40's consistently including dirt roads, single track, but when really stuck on 4x4 trails (like down at Anzo Berrego desert) I got 30mpg...spinning so much in the dirt and sand...I consistently get 185-189 miles on my 4.9gallon ims tank before turning to reserve...all stock carb/jets so far...
  9. Lil John

    dr 600 old snotter

    Not an expert but seems like that was what was wrong with my older bike...after sitting, It would idle, but an quick blip on the throttle and it would cut out...floats ok? correct level? Sounds like fuel delivery after pilot circuit in carb...someone already mention petcock functioning with enough flow for more than idle?
  10. Lil John

    Loss of power after header grind

    good luck, should've started at one variable at a time...that is a sound philosophy (I haven't followed at times)...100 degrees, just wheel her into the family room... and put on the home theater
  11. If possible, would you post pics of either clip filing mod and or nsu screws...have that in the works as well...enjoying this issue...thanks
  12. Lil John

    Broken Chain Guard

    chain guard or chain guide...my chain guide just split big time...procycle or jesse
  13. Lil John

    DR 650,initial impression

    Panama to US...awesome...welcome... Do the typical stuff but just wanted to mention some recent stuff...wire the rear brake, get guards for engine sides, carry extra shifter and both levers, get new or delete upper chain roller and think about carrying or upgrading your rear chain guide as the stock one on mine cracked and I can't ride it without risking bigger chain issues...it's plastic stock...Aussie guys really set there's up nicely for isolated long distance travel...
  14. Lil John

    dr 600 old snotter

    Air delivery or electrical delivery? Air filter clear,clean...coil/cdi steady? Just a thought...what part of the throttle do you mean under load? 1/4, 1/2,full/wot? That might help identify which circuit for fuel delivery?...How old is old?
  15. Lil John

    87 DR125 Wont idle

    Dont' forget to check and see if all jets are stock settings...