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  1. mjshagnasty

    Child's outgrown his XR50 now What ?

    if u could find a minibike store they ussually have bikes for like $500.
  2. mjshagnasty

    Sidecar Thumpers getting air!

    that would be freaky
  3. mjshagnasty

    Me trying to jump today

    great pics keep trying
  4. mjshagnasty

    Jump that TT-R

    i would say 5 ft
  5. mjshagnasty

    When to call it quits?

    same thing i would but dont sell the bike. he may want to ride every now and then
  6. mjshagnasty

    Suzuki RM85L or Yamaha YZ80F

    thanks you guys
  7. the title is basicly it. i want to know the pros and cons of the bike. Thanks in advance
  8. mjshagnasty

    Child Protective Sercvices?

    thats stupid. its just like any other sport.
  9. mjshagnasty

    Suzuki RM85L or Yamaha YZ80F

    my self 5,2 120lbs. the 79 only 500 verse 1300
  10. mjshagnasty

    Suzuki RM85L or Yamaha YZ80F

    cause oldies' are cool anybody have pros and cons about the bikes
  11. mjshagnasty

    Suzuki RM85L or Yamaha YZ80F

    its right. its a 79 but it looks brand new
  12. mjshagnasty

    topo maps--> what are they?

    yeah if you look it up in an atlas or history book it will tell you exactly that
  13. mjshagnasty

    Who rides the longest wheelies?

    8 feet on a crappy custom 80
  14. I was wondering what you guys would choose. A 2003 Suzuki RM85L or a 1979 Yamaha YZ80F. Opinions please.