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  1. Well, I'm getting ready to replace my lower triple tree again. I'm suprised I haven't worn out my helmet yet. Question is has anyone tried to press the bearing on with 1 washer on the shaft instead of 2? My thinking is that the alloy lugs are a little thicker at the base and it would provide more strength? Not sure if the dust seal would get pinched or if there would be other clearance issues when it's all together. If it didn't work, I'd never be able to get the bearing off again.
  2. kickitagain

    IMS warning!

    My clear IMS has over 4000 miles with no problems.
  3. kickitagain

    Triple Tree Bearig Installation Question

    I should have given the hot oil a try. A little heat can make a big difference. I put it on cold and it was a real struggle. First I slid the 2 washers on then the bearing. I turned it upside down and spread the jaws in my vise to the width of the shaft and rested the assembly between them. Next I beat the living day lights out of it with a plastic shot hammer. That got it within about 1/2" of where it was supposed to be. For the final ½” I caught the edge of the bearing with 1 vice jaw and the triple tree with the other and tightened it up. I then rotated it 180 degrees and tightened again. I repeated this process until I walked it into final position. I managed to get it on without damaging anything but this definitely was not the recommended method.
  4. I'm about to install my new lower triple tree and am looking for suggestions on how to press the lower bearing on without a press. I'm assuming with the rubber seal preheating is out of the question. I think that I'll only get one shot at this so I want to get it right the first time. Let me know if you have something that's worked before. Thanks, John
  5. kickitagain

    2010 Husqvarna CR450 breaks cover!

    I'd buy one for the seat alone!
  6. kickitagain

    te510 neutral light issue

    Don't blame the horn on your buddy. I don't think it's related to the fall. The problem is metal fatigue from the vibration. A lot of people have had this problem. I cut a piece of angle iron and drilled a mounting hole then welded the remaining bracket to it. Mine is a 06 and the repair has held up for close to 2 years now. The light is a little flakey. Sometimes it will come on when it is in gear but not often. You want to keep the hose away from the gauge when washing the bike especially if using a power washing. Stay away from the bearings also.
  7. kickitagain

    2007 450te back rim failure

    Thanks guys. I use blue on most bolts that I remove. This may call for red since a little heat shouldn't hurt anything in the area when it's time to remove them.
  8. kickitagain

    2007 450te back rim failure

    Red or blue loctite?
  9. kickitagain

    Enduro/tool bag

    I always wear my mule camelbak over my Thor chest protector. Wouldn't ride in the woods without it. It's saved me from a lot of sharp branches on those tight trails. Also helps when you're tossed from the bike or thrown into a tree . Can't even tell the pack is there with chest protector on. I'll wear a fanny pack with tools, tire irons, co2 and patch kit if it's a small group or I'm by myself.
  10. kickitagain

    bar clamps ..... 1 1/8

    TE-450 has 7/8 TC-450 has 1 1/8 I used the Pro-Tech clamp. If you adding a Scotts under bar damper nows the time to add a submount. Getting rid of the cross bar frees up some space.
  11. kickitagain

    Hot Start Lever

    That's the one I installed on my TE-450. Works great. Had to use it today in 95 deg heat. It does require a battery. For me a remote choke is not so important. I only use it at the start of day when it's below 60 deg. I engage it before I get on the bike and can usually find it to shut off while sitting on the bike.
  12. kickitagain

    BMW buys Husqvarna in rare takeover.

    You speak the truth, Hopefully not the moving to Germany part. There are P.R. (B.S.) firms that specialize in propaganda for these takeovers. I'm sure BMW did not buy it without having grand plans for it. If they are smart they will not destroy or even change the current distribution network until they evaluate performance. I've worked for a company that's been through 4 mergers in the past 10 years. Just about everything has changed, especially people. At least with this deal there is not a lot of overlap in product lines.
  13. kickitagain

    Zumo GPS

    +1 on the nasty stuff. I've already ripped the plastic nub clean out of case that secures my GPS60C to the tourtech mount. Guess it was designed for a belt loop. Left a hole in the back of case about the size of a dime. Gamin repaired under warranty. Watch those low hanging branches. It's great to download tracks and see were you were at the end of the day or to find you way out in an emergency. I also mark waypoints for gas stops and that sweet single track that tends to get overgrown in the summer months. If it gets real tight I take it off and throw it in the camelbak.
  14. kickitagain

    What oil do you use???

    I bought mine from Scott's direct but that was before I realized it could be purchased through the Thumper Talk Store. I used the TT store to purchase my JD kit and fuel screw. Service was great and it doesn't hurt toi support the TT site. You may save some money too. They don't list the 07 but it's probably the same as the 06
  15. kickitagain

    So close to buying the 450TE!! Any words of wisdom?

    Uptite has a nice guard. George doesn't show everything he offers on the web site. Give him a call.