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  1. teamwoodys

    crf/xr100 pics

  2. teamwoodys

    crf/xr100 pics

  3. teamwoodys

    crf/xr100 pics

    the beast xr120
  4. teamwoodys

    crf100 springs fit crf80?

    I looked at Bikebandit.com again and it shows that 03 and older the spring comes off and 04 and newer it does not. So the xrs do and the crfs do not.
  5. teamwoodys

    crf100 springs fit crf80?

    Ok. I just looked as Bikebandit.com and looked up the 07 and it doesnt show that the spring comes off. So I looked at a 02 and it shows that the spring does come off. Hope that you didnt order the spring as it does not come off. This is a stupid design on Hondas part:bonk: . Call BBR back and ask to talk to Ryan in sales and tell him that Josh with the xr 120 said that the spring does not come off the 07s, so not to sell people the spring for the 07 model.
  6. teamwoodys

    crf100 springs fit crf80?

    Cool! As for the rear spring, If I remember right I thought somewhere on this forum there was a discussion about the 07 rear shock. That the spring does not come off. I could be wrong, But you might want to contact your Honda dealer on this one. Its probably the same spring as the 100. BBR might not know that the stock spring does not come off.
  7. teamwoodys

    crf100 springs fit crf80?

    All you have to do for the front springs is to put the new bbr springs next to your stock 80 springs, then mark the bbr ones and cut to lenght. I did it on one of my bike and worked great. As for the rear shock, not sure if the bbr spring fits on the 80 shock but i do know that the 100 shock is a direct bolt on to the 80. You could always buy a 100 shock and then put the bbr spring on it. If you do this, I have found that taking the stock shock and bbr spring to a Harley dealer is a cheap and easy way to go. They swaped one for me for like $20 bucks
  8. teamwoodys

    this years xr 100 pics

    The forks and disc are off a derbi.
  9. teamwoodys

    xr400 cooler on xr 100

    well the bling is all done. All for performance now. See I run mini moto on a 1.1 mile track and by the end of the race day I have put on an easy 75 miles. I have the bbr 120 kit with a prc cam, high flo oil pump, lightened fly wheel, lightened crank, and the head is ported. That is why I want the cooler.
  10. teamwoodys

    xr400 cooler on xr 100

    ok I know this has been talked about before but I had a few questions. First, are all the 400 coolers c-shaped? second, I know you tap one line into the clucth cover, but were does the other go. third, is 140 dollars to much to pay for one with all the lines? fourth, does anyone have a pics of theres?
  11. teamwoodys

    BBR Swingarm Owners....!

    I run the bbr swing arm and run 2.50 by 17s and there is plenty of room. You could even run a 3.50 if you would like. Hope this helps
  12. Ok, I have a xr 100. I have the 200x carb with a cr 80 throttle and cr80 throttle cable. I cant get the throttle slop out of the throttle. Ive tried adjusting the cable adjuster all the way in and out with no luck. Does any one know what the deal is? Thanks
  13. teamwoodys

    question about installing bbr spring crf100

    well if it can come off, I have found that taking it to a Harley dealership works great. They have great spring comperssers and they did one for me for I think 20 bucks. yeh its more than bbr said that they would do it for, but if you figure in shipping and down time, its worth looking into.
  14. teamwoodys

    Hows this for a new look idea?

    I have not seen white plastic for the newer styl crfs yet, trust me thats what I want. You can get a white supermoto front fender for it but you have to drill the mounting holes as there is none drilled(multi-bike fender). But if anyone knows where you can get all white plastic for the xrs let us know. It has to be from 2002 and newer. You can get white plastic for the older body style but not the new style. Maybe the plastic companies added white to the 07 catalogs. When Parts Unlimiteds 07 books come out I will look, also with tucker rockey.