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  1. ordered the Yammy part today. Cant see spending about a 100 bucks for the suzuki part. But you can be sure i'll forget to turn the gas off!! Thanks for your help!
  2. THank you!@!
  3. i am using worn down knobbies now, as opposed to my usual Kenda 761. i have stock 15/44 gearing. i took the bike up to 88 gps mph. It had more, which was very surprising. i have never hit the rev limiter in high gear, just first gear. Coming home from my ride, i bet i spent 50 miles on the interstate going an actual 70 mph. I bet with 15/41 gearing, i can get it to 100, but i dont think i want to!!!!
  4. Strange as it seems that my math might be right, i think we agree. i said i estimate that the reserve is .85 gallons, which is pretty good. you seem to say the same thing.
  5. does anyone know for sure how many link pins to push out to shorten a chain 2 links?
  6. i have a Clarke 3.9 gallon tank and i hit reserve at only 147 miles. i know for a fact that my mileage yesterday was 48. According to my math, the Clarke tank's reserve is .85 gallon. my math might be screwed up because the tank as those "wings" on each side which hold gas when only one side has the petcock. Does anyone know the size of the reserve? Clarke's website does not mention it. Also i am going to change the gearing to that of the SM model with 15 teeth up front and 41 in the back. has anyone tried that on the S model? The engine just works to hard going 70 on the interstate.
  7. i have had all three seats. all three heights and textures. gripper for me is too grippy. it makes it harder to get on the off the bike. i have had carbon on the sides and vinyl on the top and that is good, maybe the best. the top is not slippery much. it's a good choice. i now use the seat with all carbon. yes it is slippy, it is easier to get on and off and at my age, (65), i need all the help i can get.
  8. thank you very much
  9. the ones that increase power at lower rpms. i have the 3x3. will my bike require rejetting my dynajet settings? For instance a bigger main jet? Any suggestions? I have a 2005 drz 400s.
  10. i lowered mine 1.25 inches with dog bones, but like a moron, i got the tallest Seat Creations seat and now it's taller than stock! Shesh.
  11. i can't go above 75 actual mph. stock carb though. stock gearing too. you are getting amazing milegae and power. i'm totally jealous.
  12. so today was a lazy day and i finally got off my butt and located my portable bicycle pump. then i anxiously went out to the shed and checked how high my overinflated tires were. what a shock! i was already running 11 pounds in the rear and 12 in the front. i swear it wasn't but a month ago that i pumped them up to 20 some. i have heavy duty tubes in at least the front and i know i dont have a flat. very strange. my rear tire is unusual and it must have a very stiff sidewall because at 10 pounds i can hardly compress it. i bet i could run them both almost flat. i will buy one of those atv tire pressure tools that are good at measuring very low pressure.
  13. i like all the responses and thank you all.
  14. i was watching some cool videos about Trials bikes and i noticed that they tire pressure was very low. I know that my tires often show cupping because of lower inflation numbers. How low can i inflate my tires for riding on forest roads?
  15. that will burn out some light bulbs! i'm not the one to talk to you about this, but i think it is a mistake to mess with the electrical charging system with aftermarket parts, but dont mind me.