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  1. swatcie

    450 body conversion

    Yea I did this conversion to my 426 a couple years back. It was a fun project and the bike looked sick once I was done. yea all you need is the tank, subframe, rear master cylinder and the plastics for an '03-'05 450/250f. I fabricated the tank brackets out of some metal that I had laying around in the garage. If I remember right I got the template for the tank brackets from one of the original people who did this conversion. Unfortunately I don't have access to them cuz im currently stationed overseas in the AF. Maybe you can try getting a hold of the template from someone else who has done this conversion. Good Luck!
  2. swatcie

    Question about Ocotillo wells

    hey, I haven't been out to ocotillo for a while and was just wondering if I am able to ride out there with a red sticker or am I going to get hassled? I was also wondering if I will get hassled for having nails in my firewood out there? your feedback will be much appreciated.
  3. swatcie

    Jawbone to Mammoth? Really?

    dang that would be a sweet ride. I would like to do this some day too.
  4. swatcie

    Is it raining in the high desert today?

    dang its been raining all day here in riverside. Im not complaining though cuz we need it...
  5. swatcie

    07 yz450 to short

    yea i know, I have an 06 and I am 6' 2" and I don't feel cramped at all, although I do have Windham bend protapers. I love the way the bike feels. Maybe you just need to ride it a little more to get used to the feel of the bike:excuseme:
  6. swatcie

    Pics of your Exhaust!

    heres my DR D.
  7. swatcie

    Best Dirtbike Atv Crash Video Ever

    OMG!! :applause: That makes me hurt just watching it:crazy:
  8. swatcie

    Thinking of selling my 01 426

    yea I sold mine for $2900 here in cali about 3 months ago. :ride:
  9. swatcie

    2007 Red sticker dates posted

    sweet thanks.
  10. swatcie

    Baldy Mesa/Phelan Sandhills/Single Track Ride

    cool pics, I ridden that place a couple times. They got some crazy trails up there.. :ride:
  11. swatcie

    OH now im pissed

    Just curious, was this at the Lake Elsinore motocross park? The reason I ask is cause you mentioned the vet track and I noticed you live in california!?!
  12. swatcie

    a3 torret

    how come I only get audio, there is no video? :ride: nm I got it to work!
  13. swatcie

    99 yz400f hurricane conversion

    yea the plastics are the same. I had a 99 yz400f and a 2001 yz426f, and the plastics were the same. Even the exhaust from the 426 fit on my 400. Hope this helps.
  14. swatcie

    Looking for Places to ride in So. Cal

    hey I'm just wondering why no one has mentioned Johnson Valley? :ride: Its out in the desert on the back side of big bear. I used to ride there all the time, and its great for beginners, although there are a lot of woops out there. I haven't been there in about a year, been going out by randsberg lately.
  15. swatcie

    Does anyone miss LaRocco?

    I miss LaRocco too, he is one of my favorite riders:cry: