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    xr600 jetting

  2. dotrp

    xr600 jetting

    Sorry. I know there are tons of threads on jetting, but I couldn't find one that did the trick for me. I have an '87 xr600r with a Supertrapp exhaust and UNI air filter, and I just got a '96 xr600r with a White Brothers exhaust. I live out in the desert, at about 2500' and the temperature varies dramatically from summer (100's) to winter (50's). The '96 seems to be running lean with it's current jetting, which I assume was good for summer. Hesitates slightly off-idle and the plug looks a bit grayer than I would like. Previous owner said the main jet was a 165, but I haven't looked yet to be sure. So, is it common for people to re-jet for summer/winter? Are there good references for jet sizes, needle settings, and screw positions for various altitudes and/or temperatures? The recommendation I have received for the '96 is to back out the idle screw 1/2 turn raise the needle one notch bigger main jet (167.5? 170?) Does that sound about right? Is the idle screw on the '96 an air screw or a fuel screw? The above would suggest fuel. Any suggestions for the '87? Seems like it'll be a bit more complicated with the dual carbs. Also looking for a manual for the '96. My understanding is that the xr600 was essentially unchanged from '88 to '98. I sometimes see manuals available for '88-'91 or '88-'92 ... that should work, right? Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advance for any help/suggestions. -Doug
  3. dotrp

    voltage regultor

    Okay, I found someone with a regulator from an 86 XL600R. Anyone know if that will work on a 87 XR? Thanks ...
  4. dotrp

    voltage regultor

    I discovered why the lights won't work on my 87 xr600r ... no voltage regultor! Duh. I haven't really needed lights 'til now (no road bike for running errands at night since I crashed my gsxr1100 ... but that's another story). Bikebandit shows the voltage regultator as NLA. Anybody got an extra one lying around? Alternatively, is there any reason that a voltage regultor from another bike won't work. For example, I saw one from an '02 xr400 for sale. I haven't yet done any investigation on the finer points of the electrical requirements for voltage regultors. Are there electrical differences between all the different ones for different bikes, or are the differences mainly in the form factor? Thanks. -Doug
  5. dotrp

    Decisions, decisions ...

    Thanks for the responses, guys. I will definitely take them into consideration. Anybody want to buy an '87 xr600 ... ? Oh, and I guess I'll have to sell my IT425, too.
  6. Ive had an 87 xr600r for a year or two. The previous owner installed a SuperTrapp, an XRs Only shock and Scott forks. The bike runs great, is comfortable and powerful. The only issue is getting the lights to work, but I havent really tried to figure out what the problem is yet. Along comes a friend selling his 96 xr600r with White Bros exhaust, Renthal bars, but otherwise stock. Good condition and also very fun to ride. Im wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to the 96, which I think I could do for $700 to $800. Are there any maintenance, wear, performance, or other issues that I ought to take into consideration? Thanks. -Doug