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  1. anyone??
  2. How sould I check the wear of the chain tensioner of my DR350?? Greetzzz, villard
  3. just did my wr250 2005... First I called my dealer to ask him about "the wire". He told my he had tried it on all his models (2003-2004-2005-....) and that it does nothing.... His explanation seemed a little bit weird and after I checked the electrical plan I saw that the grey wire went to the mass, so it seemed to me that yamaha put it there to connect or disconnect, otherwise the would have put the grey wire directly to the mass in the CDI..... My stop screw was already completely removed by the dealer the day it was delivered. After my little test drive on the road I have two conclusions: 1/ more mid range power rides more fluid. Before it felt a little empty in the midrange... 2/ I just look at my start button and the bike already starts! Strange but true! Greetzzz,
  4. perfect!
  5. OK, than is it a manual for the 1998? Maybe the models before had other forks? Otherwise, I'll try the 145 mm....
  6. ok, but from witch year is your bike?
  7. Well, I've already heard that it was 586 ml. But then my leg is full with oil, so that can't be right for my bike (model 1998!). The spring removed, the inner tube down and I pumped a few times to fill the fork completely.
  8. ok, thanks for the info, but it'll probably be something else. I will open the carb. and tell you what it was! Now,for the oil in my front fork legs: a suzuki dealer told me 80 mm, mesured from the top, without spring. That seems to much oil! (seems to me he was telling me something, just to satisfy me.... ).
  9. If I open the gas, it feels a little bit sticky. I is worst at the beginning and when the engine is not turning, the phenomenon disappears. Anyone who knows what it could be? And anyone who knows how much oil I have to put in a front leg? (DR350 type DK41A)
  10. It would by very noisy, that's for sure!!
  11. I weigh 164 ...... So I don't think that's the problem I have the impression that the engine is going very quickly up in rpm's.... I could use a little bit more NM's...
  12. Next question: I recently bought an 11 year old DR350. This is actually the opposite of my WR: more bottom and no power at high rpm's (the just aren't high rpm's ). Especially now that I can compare, I would like to add some punch to my WR250 (completely original, just opened the intake by cutting a hole in the airbox (like on thumperfaq wr250)). Could a JD-kit add just that little bit more (with stock pipe)?? I read on this forum that some owners put the bike on one wheel in second and third gear with no clutch....That seems very impossible with my bike!
  13. OK, I just disassembled the pivot points on my rear swing arm and re greased everything. Simple and now I see why I can't put grease nipples on them.... There was little grease, but in my opinion still enough (it was the first time and the bike is from 2005) and the grease was black (what color has it new?) I put regular lithium grease on the needles...
  14. So? Is it possible to put some grease nipples on the rear suspension?
  15. put silicon spray on your ignition coil and all the electric parts of the ignition!!! and NO high pressure on the electrical parts!!!