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  1. robbersroost1

    2011 te 310 to loud

    I took the stock muffler off and put on the FMF Q-4 muffler. This muffler is just what I was looking for. Much quieter than stock with no loss in power. Not sure why Husky put such a loud muffler on a woods bike, maybe they have been sitting at the desk to long and not riding enough. Now all I need is a 3.5 gallon gas tank. Any out there?
  2. robbersroost1

    2011 te 310 to loud

    My 2011 TE 310 stock with muffler screen is way to loud. This bike will wear you out with all the noise. I need to be quiet where I ride also. I'm trying to take the stock muffler apart to repack it, but have had no luck in getting it apart. Any help out there? Thanks:banghead:
  3. robbersroost1

    sxc625 vs. exc530/525

    The 625 is more of a dual sport. That motor pulls very well. Also a 5 gallon tank is available for it. At 300 pounds it's a bit much on a goat path and the weight is a bit much if you fall over. But this is one very good dual sport. The 525 is much better on the goat path, but not as good of a dual sport. I've been thinking of selling my 625, but just seems to be a bike I would regret selling. 525's are a dime a dozen.
  4. robbersroost1

    Let see some Vintage Pics

    Zero miles, Penton Wassell 1974:thumbsup:
  5. robbersroost1

    Sherco 450 enduro

    What's that in the bush.
  6. robbersroost1

    Any dual-sport riders in st louis area?

    This old stone fence is a favorite.Dent County The post office is a taste of yesterday.Crawford Co. I'll let you know if I can ride Tuesday, Near Peoria Il. is where I call home.
  7. robbersroost1

    Any dual-sport riders in st louis area?

    [/img My first post was in Madison County, These are in Shannon County. I have 100's of pictures like these. I've ridden my BMW GS,Rockster,KTM 625,Sherco510, Husky 450&510, on these roads. You might go all day and not see anyone,that's when I like the 5 gallon tank on the KTM. There are roads I have found where the BMW's are just to heavy, so I'll go get one of the smaller bikes to continue. If you like to ride back in time and relax this is the place.
  8. robbersroost1

    Any dual-sport riders in st louis area?

    St.Louis is the jackpot. There are so many duel sport rides, it would take years to ride. When I can't go out West this will do. First picture is Crane Lake and second is Lower Rock Creek. It is like going back in time 200 years. Let me know when you can go.
  9. robbersroost1

    2009 Sherco Enduros

    If I can't buy the 2009 Sherco 450 in the US. Does anyone have an 07 or 08 they would like to sell?
  10. robbersroost1

    2009 Sherco Enduros

    How do you get a 2009 Sherco enduro if you live in the US?
  11. How about some pictures of different ways to carry a chainsaw when trail riding, or ways to pack a chainsaw in to cut fallen trees. Not just chainsaws but any trail making tools. I should have a few pictures in about a week on how I pack that stuff in. Thanks
  12. robbersroost1

    Sherco 450 enduro

    Only problem,which way to go?
  13. robbersroost1

    Pics of your street legal Dirt Bikes

    Ready to go home after a hard day of swimming.
  14. robbersroost1

    Sherco 450 enduro

    I have the 510 Sherco and it is a great bike. So much low end for riding ruff back country, you might be the only one that makes it to the top. Of all the bikes I have owned, this one is in a class of it's own, simply the best! This bike will take a beating and just keeps ticking.
  15. Take the KTM to the trails, that's what this bike was made for.