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  1. RER97

    05 rear Hub Explosion

    how tight was the chain
  2. RER97

    08 Swingarm help

    none of the factories have stocks in grease they never use much.
  3. RER97

    freezing pipe

    im confused do you put the pipe vertical in the freezer than add water do you fill it full wouldnt leak out?
  4. RER97

    freezing pipe

    when you freeze a pipe to get the dents out of it what are people using for the ends so the water doesn't come out.
  5. i would like to get my son a race jersey with his name on it just wondering where everybody gets it done i dont wont a do it yourselfer thanks
  6. RER97

    Need Advice, in the market to buy.

    if you are racing the suzuki is a good deal but dont forget about contingency money you will not get it with the left over 08
  7. RER97

    06 450f Front Tire Survey

    I have used pirelli tires they have been the best handiling and wear ok but handle awesome.
  8. My 06 450 has about 20 hours on rebuild. but recently will not start unless i pull it down the road. when i get it running it stays running but it does seem to backfire alot. THe weather has cooled off but didnt have this trouble last year. the bike will start when its warm
  9. RER97

    2008 450 rebate

    naults suzuki manchester nh
  10. RER97

    2008 450 rebate

    bought one on saturday 5250. out the door
  11. RER97

    08 450

    I have been thinking about 08 rmz 450 for 3weeks i couldnt pass up the price. I have been riding yamahas how are the valve adjustments on the suzuki? I hope i like the bike. I didnt think i would ever be able to buy a new bike for $5000. again i bought a new 95 rm250 for$ 5000 in 95 crazy deal on rmz.
  12. rebuilding top end and chain how do i pull the flywheel? also cant find my owners manual is there a forum with specs,marks and torque. thanks happy riding
  13. RER97

    06' YZ450FSPV Strange problem

    Funny you posted this my bike started smoking the same way last night decided to take motor apart didnt jump timing but my cyl. has grooves in from looks like worn rings. i had checked my oil before teardown and it was low thats why it was burning it. need cyl and piston and chain
  14. i have a 06 450 bought a used header off this website i recieved it today i believe its off a 08 the end that fits into the mid pipe silincer is bigger how can i use it and will it effect performance thanks.
  15. i have a 06 450 just bought a header used of from the web site i recieved it today believe its a 08 the end that goes into the mid pipe silincer is bigger than my 06 can i use it and how. will it effect my performance. thanks