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    For all of you guys who thought Bubbles was just riding for the the team, wake up and smell your coffee. I was marshalling at the MXDN, so you could say you can't really get any closer to the action, so believe me when I tell you Bubbles was on it and ragging the hell out of his KXF, but he had nothing for Mr Smooth Everts
  2. Harvey Fourbanger

    06 RMZ450 question

    I've only ridden mine twice and I know what your saying about not being ablke to find neutral, but as said above I've been advised it will get better as everything beds in, I have found that mine start real easy in gear without even using the hot start
  3. Harvey Fourbanger

    Tighten EVERYTHING!

    That's a common fault with CRF's as well, just make sure you go round the bike after each time you've cleaned it and nip up the bolts
  4. Harvey Fourbanger

    Any noticable difference

    Between running a 120 rear and a 110 rear ????
  5. Harvey Fourbanger

    Can U

    Well I run it on on Sunday on a very tight Supercross style track, 20 minutes quater throttle, 20 minutes half throttle, then I just couldn't control myself and wen t for it Great bike fantastic to ride, thought the front end was a bit harsh but I'm going to give it a go on the Full GP track at Matchams on Sunday and see how she goes :wink:
  6. Harvey Fourbanger

    Can U

    So whats your thoughts on running in, the book say 60 minutes quater throttle, then 60 minutes half throttle. But I've just read another article on www.mototuneusa.com about running secrets and that says 5 minutes to warm up properly then basicly smooth riding with hard acceleration to seat the rings properly
  7. Harvey Fourbanger

    Oil Filters

    Top filter and your never buy another, well worth the cash
  8. Harvey Fourbanger

    New graphics for the rmz-450....

    Nice mate, but you could do with a different seat cover
  9. Harvey Fourbanger

    Can U

    Do you think it's possible to change the manual cam chain tensioner for and auto one
  10. Harvey Fourbanger

    RMZ 450 Cam CHAIN

    Just bought the 06 and I'd been told it had an Auto tentioner, but when I read the manual it described how to check and adjust it Can you change the manual adjuster for and auto