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  1. sinisalo425

    drz 400k

    alright thanks for the help! i just gotta dig into it one of these nights..
  2. sinisalo425

    drz 400k

    yes that is what i have a 2001 drz 400 (kicker) i might have to do that resistor thing bc there is a pressure switch on the rear brake pedal. atleast i think its a pressure switch but i could be wrong. i just got the thing running the other week and put 70 some miles on and didnt think twice about lights hah but i gotta look into that since i got a plate on it.
  3. sinisalo425

    drz 400k

    i recently bought a 2001 drz 400k and im wondering if the tail light on it doubles as a brake light? There is a pressure switch of some sort on the rear master cylinder but as far as i can tell the light seems like its stuck on the bright mode. just wondering if its only a running light or what any help would be appreciated.