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  1. outdoorsman1911

    DR200 Carb trouble...(please help me!!)

    main jet does high speed. When you cleaned it did you also clean the float valve? also, try turning the pecock onto prime, and see if it does it then or not.
  2. outdoorsman1911

    XT225 or DR200SE?

    who here works in a bike shop? (raises hand) we see a LOT of the yamahas in with bent forks and valve problems. something to consider for long term reliability. valve is about after 2k miles and the bent forks tend to happen, just when the rider gets comfortable and jumps it a couple of times. last forks I saw were bent in about a 30 degree angle.we always joke that they have lead front forks. good choice on the DR200 if thats what you got, that engine has been around with minor changes for close to 20 years. solid, little reliable bike. only thing we have been seeing a lot of with the new suzuki's, is the chroming wearing off the cam, last was a rmz400 that came in yesterday..less than a year old and chroming was almost worn off. dont know what the issue is there...but hopefully suzuki doesntuse the same plant for all their chroming of the cams...cause its been on about 4 different types so far. all under 2 years.
  3. outdoorsman1911

    dr200se kick

  4. outdoorsman1911

    Side panels

    garden of the gods is very good. shawnee is allright, you just gotta hike around till you find a good place. usually I take a trip twice a year up north to do a little. about every other year I go out west. all free climbing. you usually just have to email the guy at the boneyard with your request, he has a bad habit of not updating his site.
  5. outdoorsman1911

    Side panels

    wow, your right down there by shawnee, thats great! I bet theres a lot of places to ride huh? I go down there to camp and do some rock climbing in the southern tip. great country!
  6. outdoorsman1911

    Side panels

    yea I think ill try yamaha. there is also a place called Bikeboneyard.com that I have got a lot of used parts from(I rebuild bikes) chances arnt very good that they are intact but who knows...Im not for sure about the closest yamaha dealer...
  7. outdoorsman1911

    TT-R 125/L Problems

    south of the quad cities. around Monmouth. about 15 miles from the mississippi river, how about you?
  8. outdoorsman1911

    Side panels

    looks like I can get em from maire for 50 bucks thanks for the help!
  9. outdoorsman1911

    TT-R 125/L Problems

    Blue smoke= oil burning Black smoke= too much gas
  10. outdoorsman1911

    Side panels

    I have a 02 ttr 125(small wheel) and rolled it last week, it was below 20 so the plastic was really cold and shattered. anyway, I been trying to find some new radiator scoops for it over the net, havent had any luck. anyone know of anywhere I can obtain some? dont have to be OEM, just as long as they fit up right.