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  1. marco polo

    90/100-21 fitment

    Will this "fatty" tire fit my WR250R 1.60 rim? OEM tire size is 80/100-21
  2. marco polo

    Auxiliary LED pods. FE501s

    Wow what a difference!
  3. marco polo


    ELP was an incredibly talented group. The music that came out of them was phenomenal. So sad to hear he is gone. RIP Keith Emerson
  4. marco polo

    Paiute Trail question

    Do not go there during the hunting season. Trust me on that!!! Even the camphost at Lizzies in Marysvale strongly advises against riding during the hunting season. Few reasons that come to mind 1) Alcohol and guns 2) Huge 4X4 vehicles on the trails 3) Bad shots 4) Greenies disguised as hunters aiming at bikers!! Just kidding!!! PM me your email and will send you some photos. If you look at the map you can actually ride from North of Filmore all the way down to Bryce canyon. You got lots on time for research and there is a lot of info and trip reports on the web. CUL Marco Polo
  5. marco polo

    Paiute Trail question

    Where are you planning to ride from?? Do you have the National Geographicmap ??? I have been there many times and might be able to help you. Locals are very ATV / off-road friendly. There are hundreds of miles of atv trails. I would say in my best estimation there are 50 to 1 ATV to motorcycle ratio but you do see motorcycles out there. By the way most of the ATVs are the 4X4 utility types. Terrain is mixed, forest roads, some gravel and smaller rocks, lots of water crossings etc. The scenery is what brings me back year after year. \ If you want more info check link . CUL Marco Polo 06 WR450F 01 Honda Rubicon 500 4X4 02 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4
  6. marco polo

    Scotts Damper Follow up

    Eric, Nice pics! How do you remove the lower clamp to install the Scotts guide?? Is it just the 4 bolts around the forks?? Do you need a special wrench to remove the head tube or does it slide down without removing it?? TNX MP
  7. Check it out Dakar 2006 . Note this year the highest bike engine is 660. Marco Polo
  8. marco polo

    06 WR450 handle bar mounts.....

    Will the fatter ones provide less vibration?? What is the reason you want to change your bars?? Thanks Marco Polo 06 WR450F
  9. marco polo

    06 WR450 12VDC Accessory Plug

    Timo, That's exactly what I was thinking just ran the fused power leads directly from the batery to the handlebars with a snaping type connector. My next thing is the number plate bag to put the radio in and the helmet headset with a handlebar PTT. Do you have photo with your Xenon lights??? Do you turn night into day hihihi??? CUL Marco Polo
  10. marco polo

    06 WR450 12VDC Accessory Plug

    Has anyone installed a 12 Volt cigarette lighter plug on the bike?? I got my GPS and a small 2-way radio that I would like to power from 12VDC. CUL Marco Polo
  11. marco polo

    best oil brand

    If you are using a good quality oil (Synthetic Mobil1 MX4T) and only put a 1,000 miles a year on the bike, why do you have to change it every year and not every three or four years??? Essentially my question how is the oil deteriorating just by sitting in the crankcase??? The bike is in a very dry environment (Californian Desert) TNX MP
  12. marco polo

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    I ride 75% at altitudes between 5,000-9,000 and the rest at 2,000ft. You think I should be ok with the stock jetting? I bought the zip-ty mixture and will be installing that in a few days. I also have removed the AIS, throttle screw but not the grey wire. I have not done anything with my airbox or exhaust as I want to keep my bike real quiet. I heard the pmb insert is a lot louder than stock. Any suggestions??? TNX Marco Polo
  13. marco polo

    06 WR450 Skidplate recommendations

    Installed my Utah Sport shield on my 06 WR450. Covers alot more than the factory. Easy install. Took me about 45 minutes to remove factory and install new one. Happy with my decision.
  14. marco polo

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    What are the stock jets on the 06 WR450F sold in Ca?? Just got one and love the bike, but definetely need to do the mods. TNX Marco Polo